Tuesday, April 6, 2010

They Really Do Come In 3's

**Warning long post**
Okay so this past weekend has been full of unfortunate things and I thought my brother's dog running away was going to top the list. Boy, was I wrong! First and foremost, Carolina was found Sunday morning around 9am! She was found 3.5 miles away from where she ran from and was covered in bites and scratches. She found a basement to sleep in and the man of the house found her, and then called my brother. Thank God she was found in decent shape. They took her home and she is recovering nicely. She has about 25-30 stitches and a cone around her head, but she's home! I can only imagine the relief they felt when they got that phone call. They were able to have a Happy Easter.

Moving on to my "Happy" Easter, I was woken by my brother telling me the good news, but a half hour later, Chancho informed me that he wouldn't be able to leave as early as he thought from work. He originally was denied the day off, but he was able to work an early morning shift starting at 6am hoping to be out by 10am with lost time. No such thing. The woman that was supposed to relieve him was sent out to inspect cars. 11am came and still no relief. 12pm came and still no relief. I was getting so frustrated. I tried my best to stay positive, I took that extra time to clean up the house a bit, packed a few extra things that I wouldn't have normally done and kept reminding myself that we had all of Monday to sight see. 1pm came around and FINALLY he was allowed to head home. Chancho picked me and then we headed to pick up Zack and Savannah. Then we were off to Boston! 3 hours later and we were in downtown Boston. Chancho and Zack decided it would be a great idea to wear their Yankee gear before the game while we walked around a bit. Not a good idea in my book. Savannah and I wore regular clothes and had a room key to the hotel in case the guys got jumped. We already had warned them, they were on their own if they got confronted. We were leaving our hotel room ready for the game and we were being heckled. They were heckling us "Hope you make it to the stadium alive!" Great, we haven't even left the hotel and they're already threatening our lives
We made it just fine. In fact I thought that they were pretty nice. Don't get me wrong, they had a few good words to say, but for the most part, it was just a stare down as we walked passed one another. The Philly fans were A LOT worse. We took the T to the stadium and found a Yankee friendly bar to have dinner in. That's when Chancho's best friend M and his wife R showed up. They drove up separately so they could drive to work the next day. Drinks were drank, Food was gobbled up and pictures were taken and we were ready for the game!
Inside the stadium, there were a lot more stares and a few more hecklers, but they stayed mostly quiet. I think the fact that we won the World Championship kept them quiet. Steven Tyler, lead singer of Areosmith sang God Bless America. The Yankees were winning for a while and then it all went downhill as the Red Sox took over and eventually won the game. Somewhere around the 7th inning this guy stands up and turns around and starts yelling stuff to us about how we're "Guidos"and that we need to go back home to The Situation. (referencing the TV show The Jersey Shore) We were so confused. We're from New York. The New York Yankees? Not really sure where he got Jersey from, but that had us laughing for a while. In the 8th inning they had Neil Diamond perform Sweet Caroline. I guess Sweet Caroline is their song, like New York, New York is the Yankees song. It was pretty cool. I really had a great time, regardless of the score. It was only game one.

On to Monday morning. We wake up around 10am and start packing up and thinking of what to do for breakfast and what we wanted to see, when Chancho notices that he had about 10 missed calls and 3 voicemails. He didn't recognize the number and he's thinking that his credit card didn't go through or something. If only that were the problem. It was M calling to tell him that they had gotten into a car accident. M and R decided that they were going to drive back home after the game instead of staying at the hotel with us. They both had to be up for work on Monday so it was easier for them to just drive back, but an hour into their ride M fell asleep at the wheel and crashed their truck. It flipped 2 times before slamming into a bunch of boulders. M made it out okay with a sprained ankle and some stitches on his head. Unfortunately, R fractured her cheek bone, 3 vertebrae's of her spine, sprained her ankle, has swelling in her calf, a mini collapsed lung and a bunch of stitches all over her face and head. As soon as we heard the news, we rushed to the hospital to make sure they were doing okay, which they are. It could have turned out a lot worse, but they are doing as well as they can.
Chancho, M and I took the trip to the gas station where the truck was towed to retrieve their items and looking at the truck, I have no idea how they were able to walk away. The tow man said that their stuff was hanging in the trees and had been thrown for miles down the road. We were able to find R's phone in the car and a bunch of her papers, and jacket, but M's phone was still missing so we took a trip to the scene of the accident. There we found more of R's papers, a shoe, sunglasses and M's phone! It was just laying propped up against a rock, without any scratches. The rocks were bright red from the paint of the truck. We were able to see the exact location of where they started to go off the road from the tire marks and we saw both of the impact places of when the truck flipped. It really was hard to take it all in.

We left them to rest up and they should be heading home today if R decides she's up for it. I'm hoping that this was the third bad thing to happen and that's it. It was a very emotionally draining weekend. A lot of high, happy moments, quickly taken down by scary, frightening, and worrying moments. I'm just so glad that everything turned out okay and not any worse.

Quote of the Day: "You are, after all, what you think. Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions." - Elizabeth Gilbert 

Listening to: "Live Like We're Dying" by Kris Allen

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  1. poor doggy,so glad Carolina and your friends are all home safe,that sounded like a very bad car crash,actually your whole weekend sounded like it was very intense.glad everything worked out!