Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Tips

Recently I got fed up with my pile of belts that have been tangled in the bottom of my armoire. So of course while I was at work, I took a stroll down our belt accessory aisle to try and find something to fix my mess. This is what I bought: Walnut 12-Belt Hardwood Hanger . It works great because it gets them up off of the floor and it hangs with the rest of my clothes, easy to hang up and take off. It holds 12 belts nicely and probably more depending on the size of them. It's originally priced at $9.99, but is on sale for $6.99.
It comes in the walnut color and a  natural color as well. For those of you who have ties, there is the same concept, but with different hooks for ties. They are also on sale for $6.99. Check em out!

No new updates of anything coming up quite yet. Enjoy the Spring Organization sale!

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