Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brighter Things

After calming down a bit, I can focus on some brighter things going on in my life. Which includes my lovely cat climbing over the keyboard as I'm trying to type. I'm glad I did decide to do this blog because in doing so I have been able to read many other blogs and I've noticed that my last post, is not alone in this world. In fact so many have written about this problem and it helps me realize that I'm not being entirely ridiculous and it is okay for me to be upset, but it also puts me into perspective about the fact that this is something that IS going to happen whether I like it or not. I need to start having realistic expectations about days that could potentially be our "quality" days. Not having such high expectations will help when that all too familiar text/call comes my way.

For the brighter things, I'm going to focus on our most recent "quality time" activity. We have made a promise to one another that regardless of how busy our days are we will go bike riding together on one of our days off, either Sunday or Monday. This means even if it requires us to wake up earlier than 1pm. Because he is so busy with work and I do have much more flexible hours and more days off, it is my job to plan our adventures. We have already taken on the task of bicycling the South County Trailway and the North County Trailway. We both grew up in the same area so we have both already conquered the Bronx River Trailway. Now it is my job to find us something a bit more difficult. I've decided that we should move on from paved pathways and attempt a dirt path. Westchester Mountain Bike Association (wmba) seems to be a good place to start out on. The site was very helpful. They were able to provide maps of each of the trails and even other areas that are not in the area. It also includes rules for the trails, which I'm sure we will need to know as this will be our first encounter of riding on real paths. A few blocks away from my house is an area where I was able to ride on dirt pathways as a child, but it is in no way a real path that is meant for the public to use. It was just something my brother and I were able to enjoy growing up. Hopefully this new website will keep us busy until the end of the summer. Which might I add, is quickly coming to an end.

Here are a few pictures from our last bike ride:

Here is the paved pathway, nicely covered with trees.

Our bikes. Mine is blue (Blueberry) and his is red (Mulberry). Corny I know.

A lovely view of the stream that we rode by a few times.

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