Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Busy week and thankfully halfway through it. Rough start to it and hopefully will only get better. Chancho has been working ridiculous amounts this week and I have been lucky to spend time with him. He stopped over yesterday to allow me to pick up my DVDs that have been banging around in his trunk since our trip to Cleveland, Ohio 2 months ago. He dropped off a sandwich for me this afternoon before heading to work. I must say that I love the little things he does for me. They really do count. He has been busy working at a deli every morning filling in for the owner as he is away on vacation. So this means that he is up at 8am every morning working until 1pm. Then he goes to work at 2:30pm and doesn't get home until 1am. Crazy I say, but as he nicely put it, this week of working at the deli has paid for our Bed and Breakfast trip. Well worth it in that case, I suppose. I'm not sure how his body handles it. He sleeps so much as it is and then to work every morning, something I'm not sure I could do. To put some more stress to an already stressful week, it is the beginning of the month again which means he starts at 0 again. Pressure is on to make more arrests and with a week off to not make any he needs to be a little more aggressive. However, he can't this week because he can't go to court in the mornings because of working at the deli. Yet, somehow I got the text of "Babe, I got a collar!" confused as to how he was going to pull this off I asked how that was possible with work tomorrow morning. It turns out it was only a marijuana arrest. Nothing that requires court. He now has one arrest this month which makes me happy because he's not too far behind.

I start working again this Thursday. Of course they are the lovely hours that make me work while Chancho is home and I get home just in time for when he is leaving for work. Just how luck would have it. Zach and Chris should be here at that time, so that will keep me busy. Family will also be here as well. Thursday seems to be just another busy day.

I'm off to clean up for Zach and Chris so that they will have some place nice to stay.

Listening to: Faber Drive, "When I'm With You"

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