Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Woody Hill

Sadly I am home from our vacation in Rhode Island. It was just fantastic! I didn't want to leave. I kept asking if we could afford to stay another night, but our wallets wouldn't allow it. We arrived early afternoon at Woody Hill Bed and Breakfast, on one of the hottest days of the year. We dropped our stuff off in our room, the Family Room, which is the biggest of the 3 choices. We didn't really need that room, but it did have a deck and a private bath, so it was a good choice. Ellen, the hostess, gave us a tour of the house and then led us down to the private pool. We swam and sunbathed all afternoon. Once the sun went down we ventured off to go find some dinner. We figured we would head over to Stop and Shop and pick up some chicken because there was a grill available for us to use, so that's what we did for dinner.
We made a lovely little dinner for 2. Then we decided to drive towards the beaches to check out where we would be spending the rest of our time. It turns out that there is a little bit of a night life there, with mini golf, bars, go-karts, and plenty of restaurants. After that we headed back to Woody Hill and even though there was a TV we decided to play card games instead. I was able to win every game we played, however Chancho was a good sport and continued to play.
We were up early for breakfast at 8am with complimentary continental breakfast made by Ellen. She joined us and chatted with us about where we were from, what we were planning on doing and of course offered us her help in anyway. She showed us a map of all the different beaches and gave us the pros and cons to each one. We decided on going the distance to Watch Hill beach. They really robbed us of our money in parking ($15!!) but we walked around to the tip of the peninsula to get onto the beach instead of paying another $12 for the beach pass. It was just gorgeous. The water was a bit cold, but still warm enough to go in. We were also early enough to get our pick of sand. The sand itself was so soft! I could walk on that all day long. The only bad part was that because it was soft, it was lighter than the other corser sand so it was easily blown by the wind. We picked the hottest day of the year, a blazing 92 degrees, but with the wind it didn't seem too bad. I actually fell asleep for a while and woke up with many people surrounding us. After the beach, we stopped in at a local ice cream shop and grabbed some frozen lemonade and ice tea.

Chancho didn't have enough sun so when we got back to Woody Hill we went straight to the pool. I layed out and covered my face, it was turning into a tomato. Ellen stopped by to see how we were doing and when we asked her of her suggestions for dinner she gave us a few options so we checked them out. The first one we stopped at was the Up River Cafe, it was a little too expensive for us so we went with the second option, which was 84 High Street. Let me tell you, it was the best food I have had in a long time. It was delicious. We started out with an appetizer of crab cakes. I had the Chicken -n-chokes, which is chicken and artichoke hearts mixed with penne pasta. Sooo good. Chancho of course had the New York Strip Steak. He never goes with anything unusual in fear of not liking it. However we do have a rule that with every meal that he eats with me, he must try something new. Most of the times, he likes it. It's a good way to broaden his horizens and to be fair whenever he has something that is new to me, I have to try it. He's peruvian, so this comes up often. Finally, for dessert, we had the turtle cheesecake, which put me into a food coma. It was ridiculously good. A really great food experience all around.

The Yankee game was on so when we got back to Woody Hill, we found a radio and listened to a few innings before we passed out. Woke up again for breakfast and unfortunately left to come home again. Over all this was such a pleasant experience. Ellen was just terrific, I cannot get over how great she was. She was there to help us with anything we needed. The house was beautiful and nicely kept, along with the pool. She even had a cat named Jenny who was very friendly. The house itself is literally 2 miles away from beaches and it's secluded enough to take you away to a secluded sanctuary. We decided that this is a place that we want to make part of our traditional summer trips. It was everything we wanted. So without a doubt, I would recommend this place a hundred times over. It is even open in the winter and for special occasions like a wedding.

Now, it's time to start packing for our camping trip. We leave tomorrow morning. Chancho is out getting his oil changed and picking up some last minute items from our list. I hope all goes well with this trip, and no rain! I'll update, when we get back on Saturday. I leave you with one last picture from the beach:


  1. Okay, you are making me so jealous of your vacations! I need one SO bad. This sounds like a dream. The b&b, the beaches, the secluded pools. . . I'm so used to West coast beaches that these pictures seem almost unreal. So pretty. The last b&b we stayed in was the Liberty Rose in Williamsburg, Virginia. That was beautiful. I would love to go back. Anyway, glad you 2 got to get away for a couple of trips.

  2. I really did feel like it was a dream. This was the first vacation in a LONG time, I think everyone should get a vacation every month even if it is only for 4 days. Too bad that isn't reality. Hopefully yours is coming soon!