Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Sun's Shining!

Sunday we broke our streak of not seeing one another. Prior to helping get the food ready for the family gathering I headed over to the deli where he was working. I surprised him for a few minutes. He was nice enough to make me a breakfast sandwich, which gave us more time to enjoy one another's company. That was the last day that he had to work 2 full time jobs. YAY! It was worth it though. The money he made went towards a lot of things that would have made his regular paycheck stretch out a lot more. The family gathering went well. Everyone was happy to be around one another. Wedding pictures were shared and chatted about. It's always a good time when NJ meets NY again.

Monday was our quality time day. I had Chancho for a full day! We started the day off with visiting the Postsecret gallery in CT. Postsecret has been a sunday morning ritual for me since I began college. Every Sunday Frank Warren posts new postcards that he recieves in the mail. It began when he asked strangers to mail him their secrets on a postcard annonymously. The secrets that are out there are help you realize that you are not alone. It was great being able to see the postcards up close and personal. It was an experience that I was happy to share with Chancho. It ended up giving us some great conversation. I am a big fan of this project, however I have yet to send in a postcard of my own. Maybe one day...

Chancho has a weird week this week. Instead of working his usual night shift, he is working days. He is home by 7pm this entire week. I think I'm going to enjoy this too much. We'll be able to enjoy Yankee games together now instead of me texting him with every important move they make. Then next week is our vacation week!! Our tent arrived in the mail yesterday. We put it up just in time for a terrific thunderstorm. It's a semi big tent, with just enough room for two cots. After the thunderstorm was over, we checked it to see if it leaked and sadly it did. I believe it only leaked because we didn't stake it down. There wasn't enough room in the front yard to put it up correctly. I'm crossing my fingers that at the campground we'll have the space and it won't leak. I'm also hoping that we won't have to worry about rain because we're going camping for the beach and I don't want to be sitting in campsite when I could be laying on the beach. Hopefully all works out!

It sure is mighty hot out today. I can only imagine the officers in their vests sweating outside today doing their jobs. I'll be in the basement today in the cool air cleaning it up to make room for an organized camping area. I love working at The Container Store. Not only do they give out an awesome discount, but they have made my life so much more organized!

Listening to : Carrie Underwood "We're Young and Beautiful"

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