Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pitching Tents

We unfortunately did not make it to our new bike path location yesterday. It turned out that Chancho had way too much going on that he wouldn't be able to go, plus we would have had to have woken up at the crack ass of dawn to go. Biking is not that important to me. Instead we spent the morning together at his place. Always a favorite of mine. After his paid detail at 930pm, we were able to spend the rest of an early evening together. Lots of quality time yesterday for a day that he had to work.

I started our planning of our camping trip that is coming up in 2 weeks. I am not thrilled of the location, but I will deal with it. We will be pitching our tents at Hammonasset Beach State Park. Our loop is the Mohawk section. It seems there is a little walk to the beach, but that shouldn't be bad. This campground is no where near what I would usually camp. I was not the one to pick this place out, but a friend of mine. He set it up and reserved it for us. Granted neither of us were ever there. I google earthed it and found that there are zero trees growing in any area of the campground. It will definitely make it interesting. This will be my first beach camping experience. We even have to pay for our fire rings! This is just ridiculous to me. To not only have to pay for a fire ring, but then to buy wood on top of it because they don't allow you to bring wood in yourself! I assume this is all a money making scheme, but it also puts a damper on me enjoying my stay. I'm sure I'll have lots to say when I get back from it. I am a very picky camper when I go. I have been camping since I was an infant. Our family really roughs it, compared to a lot of other people. A few times we have gone places where there are no bathrooms, which means, you have to dig. Yet, I almost rather that then a pit bathroom, because the whole holding your breath as you pee and running out gasping for air because you can't stand the stench gets old really quick. Another aspect of camping that is usually a must, is having some form of stream nearby for us to explore. That usually takes up all the free time that accompanies camping. Wading into the stream and seeing how far you can go and where it leads to is always a fun time. We also have to go hiking. And not just a lazy hike. There has to be some higher level of difficulty to it. My favorite hike thus far included a warning sign saying the "hike may cause death, proceed at your own risk". You were basically hiking straight up a mountain. There were iron bars and ladders on the mountain to help you climb up. One slip and you could fall down to your death. It was exhilarating. This however will be Chancho's first camping experience ever. We're taking it easy to ease him into it. Only a few days and there is a regular bathroom, no hikes and a beach. I am determined to make him like it. Next year we'll make it more like a camping trip I'm used to and see how he does.

Moving on to next weeks events. Sunday will be a family get together at our house to celebrate all of the birthdays. We have 3 august birthdays, which include, my brother, mother and brother-in-law. Then we have my sister's birthday which is early in sept. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. It is a rare occasion to have everyone back at the parents house because they've all moved to NJ. We'll be able to use the new patio furniture. It's big enough to fit the entire family now. Unlike our small older, but very useful table that only held 4 people for our 5 person family which is growing quickly. Still waiting to be an Aunt though...it'll happen one day.

This weeks events include visitors! Two friends from college will be staying at my house while they take advantage of my close location to the city. One is like a brother to me and I'm so excited to be seeing him. I'm very lucky to have a visit so soon after leaving school, so I'm going to be treasuring this. They have plans to see the Yankees! They're playing the horrendous team The Red Sux. I don't have the money to spend tickets to see the game, even though I'd love to go. I'll spend the day with them on Friday when they go into the city to see Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty. After they leave I'll be attending the annual summer BBQ at a friends house. It will mark the anniversary of Chancho and I becoming official. However, he won't be there to celebrate with me. He has to work. We're hoping he'll get an arrest and make it to the party. But I've already told myself he's not coming so there won't be any disappointment when he tells me that he really won't be joining me.

Chancho update: He got into an accident this morning on his way to his 2nd job. Everyone is alright and there wasn't even a problem with the car. Fortunately he was driving his beat up car, so even if something did happen, it would just match the rest of it! haha Thankful he is okay though :)

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