Thursday, August 13, 2009


I've been occupying my time this past week with the decision to go ahead with redecorating my room. I'm attempting to make into a NYC themed room. I don't have many things done, and a very vague image in my head as to what the end result should look like, but it's definitely a work in progress. The idea came from when I was up in bumblefuck NY at college and I wanted to have "home" with me. I raided the school bookstore and bought every poster they had of NYC skyline and times square. It helped remind me that there was still a city that had stores that were open 24/7 and within walking distance rather than a 45 min. drive and lights so bright that you couldn't see the stars. As a result, I know have these posters at home and I'd like to still get some use out of them rather than throwing them away.

My main focus is pictures. It is a huge hobby of mine and it takes up a lot of space and sadly money. I love black and white photography. My grandfather has a lovely 35mm camera that has been passed down to me and I've taken advantage of that. I'd some day like to have a dark room myself. I can get lost in one for hours at a time. It truly is relaxing. So surrounding my NYC posters, I've decided to put up pictures that I've taken around NYC. I have just discovered the art of using black and white along with adding just a touch of color to it. The next set of pictures that must be hung up are from my years at college. Which means there are endless photos that could be hung up, but I have to somehow figure out how to narrow it down to only a few.

The next focus is paint color. I'd like to do the room red, for the big apple, but I know that painting a room red is just a disaster waiting to happen. For that reason, I'm going to stray away from it and try blue. However, I'm thinking that that might have the same problem, unless I do a lighter blue, but I'm not too sure I could handle a light blue room. I have curtains that are white with dark blue stripes, so I had the thought to do the walls an off white with one wall that had blue stripes to match the curtains. It would be the wall without a window. It might work and it could also bring in the Yankees aspect of NYC. Still lots to ponder about.

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