Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dinner Date

Tomorrow is the dinner date. From the beginning of the summer my parents and I have been discussing about having dinner together, including Chancho. Now that the summer is over and Chancho has been banned from doing anymore overtime, we've picked a date. That date is tomorrow. I'm a little nervous, but more excited. This will be the first dinner that we'll have out in public and in Chancho's "territory". We're going to a Peruvian restaurant and they rarely speak English there. I'm not sure how my parents will react to that, but I do know that the food there is great. Chancho and I have gone a few times already and have even ordered take out from there. It's in the town of Portchester, the town where my father grew up. I'm hoping he isn't disappointed, because the town has changed a lot since he grew up. It is now a predominant Spanish speaking town with the majority being Mexicans. Oh well no use in worrying about it, it will all work out somehow. Fingers are crossed and time to go watch the Yankees vs the Red Sox. Hopefully win #2 coming our way!!

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