Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Just the other day, Monday to be exact, President Obama made an appearance on Wall Street. Chancho had the glorious job of entering the street when he was passing by. He shared the story with me as I sat and let my jaw drop. He said that As he arrived to his post there were an unbelievable amount of cops standing around and streets blocked off. He was a bit confused at all the hustle and bustle, but went about his usual antics to get settled in to his new post. That is when he realized that there were secret service and a bunch of escorts passing by. It clicked then after talking to someone that that was just Obama passing by after giving his speech on Wall Street. Ah the perks of being a cop. Not given any information unless it directly involves you, but yet close enough to be involved in things that others wish they could be. Chancho also said that there quite a few pedestrians that were pissed off because of the President being there. They had to close down streets for security reasons and pedestrians were forced to walk elsewhere. I know that if I were to be down there on my way to work or just out and about doing my daily routine, to find myself blocked off of a street would piss me off. Especially because cops don't just hand out that information. They won't tell you "Oh the President is here, you'll have to walk around." They just give you the "You can't walk here. You'll have to go around." and repeat it as many times as they have to until you mosey on down to another street.

Another story that involves famous people, is the other night when Chancho arrived at his precinct, there was a camera crew and a few limos lined up. Little did he know that Law and Order SVU was being filmed in his precinct. He said that as he was getting in for his shift to start as they were all piling into their limos. Once I heard that it was SVU I needed an autograph. I absolutely love that show. If there is a marathon on you bet ya I'll be ploppin down on that couch for the 10 hours that it's on for. Unfortunately, all the big actors had left by the time he understood who was there. At least I can look forward to an episode that has his precinct in it so I can point and say "Hey that's Chancho's precinct!".

Once again Chancho has been lucky enough to meet the wives of some Yankees baseball players. Specifically Posada's wife and children. (Posada is my all time favorite Yankee) He signed up for a Yankees detail and was told to stand watch over the wives and children during the game. I am unbelievably jealous of this. I would do anything to be able to do that. He said that Laura Posada is gorgeous and their kids are adorable. Of course he had to act in a professional manner. Which I'm not sure how he was able to do that with the amount of love he has for the Yankees, but he handled himself very nicely, so he says. You do what you gotta do, I suppose.

That was twice in one week for him, let's see who else he can run into, or almost run into this week. Maybe this time he can grab an autograph or a picture on his phone.

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