Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mountain Biking

Chancho and I took our biking off the pavement and decided for a more challenging ride. However, Chancho did not like it. In fact he was such a grump the entire time. We went to Sprain Ridge Trailways. It was a short drive there and very easy to find. Especially since we shockingly didn't take the GPS with us. It seems that everywhere we go now, it's in the car with us, but for some reason it wasn't with us this time and we had to rely on trusty handwritten directions! How did we ever do that before?? The first trail we went on was definitely too difficult for us. It seemed we had taken our bikes for a hike rather than us mountain biking. We actually turned around only 5 minutes in and chose the other trail. This second trail was much easier. We did have to get off of our bikes a few times, but I chalk that up to us not being experienced. I was on my bike a lot more than Chancho was. I say that was because he wasn't enjoying himself. I loved it. I was jumping over rocks and speeding down the hills. I have to say I do enjoy the wind rushing passed me and the excitement that I could be thrown over my handle bars if I don't maneuver correctly. We did get to see 3 deer while we were riding along. That was nice to see, I wasn't expecting that. It was also a lovely day for a bike ride. It wasn't any hotter than 73 out and it was shady in the woods. I was actually wearing jeans while riding, instead of my usual shorts. I hope there will be a next time, maybe on another trail or another park.

Chancho has decided to purchase another vehicle. This time an SUV. Since he is so into camping now he thinks that it's time to have a bigger car to put all of the necessary gear in. And the fact that poor Shanequa, as he calls his trusty Hyundai accent, is in very bad shape. We traveled to Major World, in Queens to look at a jeep grand Cherokee. I would recommend NEVER going there. It was the most unprofessional place. The cars were dirty. There was food still in the cup holders and mud on the floor mats. The outside was also not washed. The financial office was a very tiny room with wood panels with a waiting room that had plywood attached to 2x4s to make tables. It was not the best place to go and wouldn't go back in a million years. Their ad which was why we went there was even wrong. It was very deceiving. It said that we could get this car for under $9,000 and it was a 2007. Little did we know that it was a "fix up" car and the interior was demolished. We walked out of there very quickly. He then went today to City World and actually purchased a 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor in silver. We'll be picking it up tomorrow! Hopefully it is everything he needs and it doesn't give him too many problems. It's very exciting for him. He's finally able to make big purchases like this. A little tough for me, but I'm happy for him, seeing him this thrilled makes me happy. I'll get there one day too!

Speaking of getting there one day, I've been picking up lots of extra shifts at work lately. I'm actually going into overtime this week. A very big difference from the beginning of the summer. Hopefully this doesn't change. The college loans are coming soon in the mail for repayment and I need all the money for those. It will be back to saving every last penny to make ends meet for a bit, until the "real" job comes through. I'm happy to say that I worked my first register sales person shift today and will be getting trained to process orders in the future! I hope that means a raise as well!

Great news from my old housemate from school...she got engaged!! She plans on marrying next summer to her boyfriend of 2 years and moving to Kentucky, where he is stationed. He joined the Army this past year. (No date yet.) She's thrilled. The ring is a beautiful LEO diamond. Things are finally moving forward for them and in a positive way. I can't wait for the wedding. It will be a great excuse to get us girls all together again. I really do miss them all so much. Emails don't really cut it anymore.

Listening to: Brad Paisley, "Then"

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