Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Duvet Day

I got called from work today and they asked me to stay home today. I am a little bothered by it, as I do need the money, but I can't hate having an extra day off. Although I was looking forward to going to the mall today for some Baby Yogurt. Baby Yogurt is my new fix. It's this yogurt that is frozen. It can come in plain, strawberry or chocolate. Every day they have a new flavor. On Friday it was mixed berry. It comes in the regular 3 sizes, small, medium, large. Along with your choice of flavor, you get 2 free toppings. The toppings they have are a wide variety. I always get strawberries and blueberries. So here I am at home and I have yogurt in the fridge so I put it in the freezer thinking that this would be somewhat similar, but I take it out put some granola in it and take a large bite and realize that it the yogurt had gone bad. There goes that idea.

Unfortunately the weather has turned to fall and I'm not sure what to do today. If the yogurt being spoiled is any sign as to how this day is going to be, I might as well just curl up on the couch, pop some popcorn and pull out the movies. Here's to a lazy day home!

Quote of the Day: "Your hair may turn gray, your skin may wrinkle, but you're never too old for romance" - Golden Girls

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