Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Mumblings of Memorable People

It will be a short one today, for I don't have a lot of time, but I'm gonna talk about a small moment that I shared with my old roommate, "Elisabeth". We were living in our apartment together and it slowly was becoming our tradition to sneak up on one another while we were in our separate rooms, especially in the winter months. We had this obnoxious heater that turned on and you would have to turn the volume up to about 3x the amount that you had it at just to hear it clearly. You also had to shout when having conversations. It was quite annoying, but it was something we were getting used to. So anyways this made for excellent coverage when walking down the hallway to each others room. Either the music was up so high, or the TV, that we couldn't hear anything else that was happening in the apartment. Which made for a great chance to scare one another. This one time I snuck out of my room and waited to try and hear if she was at her computer typing away, and I heard the distinct clicking of her keyboard going. Which meant she was probably either deep in thought typing an essay, which she most likely wasn't, or in an intense conversation on AIM. Perfect opportunity. I jumped into her room, arms flailing, and screaming at her. She jumped up and out of her chair so quickly and onto her bed across the room, bouncing along it like in the cartoons down onto the floor. Once she realized what was happening she began laughing so hard that she was crying. It was the best scare that I had done. I was doubled over on the floor laughing hysterically. After that moment, she said she would get me back good. She never did that year, but the following year in our new house, she got me good. I didn't fall out of my chair or off my bed, but I did scream and slam my desk.

Great times with her, which I miss terribly. I hope to see her soon. It's been about a year now since we've seen one another.


  1. I love the story. Sometimes I would do anything to go back to those days. I'm still super close with most of the roommates I had. One semester we were all about the scaring. We had this giant rubber spider that was really realistic. We would hide it everywhere hoping that it would catch them off guard. It got so that it wasn't a surprise so we got creative with where we put it. The best places were inside a cereal box and inside a jar of peanut butter.

    One time it was just me and one other roommate at home studying. It was winter and I got all bundled up to leave for class. She was getting in the shower and asked that I made sure I locked the door when I left. I waited until she got in the shower and then I slammed the door as though i had left but I tiptoed into the kitchen and got a large knife and then I tiptoed into the bathroom and with my gloved hand held the knife in the stabbing position and slowly reached into the curtain on the opposite side of where she was standing and she screamed like nothing I've ever heard. She kept screaming even after she knew it was me and then the screaming finally turned into laughter. Good times.

  2. The fake spider trick is always a good one. You can't go wrong with that, especially when found in food!

    I would have probably died if I was in that shower. After watching Psycho, that is one of my biggest fears, but if I didn't die, there would be a big pay back to follow. Hopefully your roommate was able to get you back for that one!