Monday, September 28, 2009


Dinner went well last night. We actually wound up going to another restaurant than I thought we were going to. This restaurant, called Misti, was more of a diner atmosphere. It was still very much Peruvian though. They barely spoke English, but the menus did have a translation underneath the name of the dish. The food was excellent. I had chicken, which they are known for, cooked with onions and tomatoes with a side of rice. It came with french fries, which I thought were going to be on the side, but there were actually mixed in with the rest of the food. I devoured it. Everyone made a comment about how fast I ate it, but I couldn't help myself. My mother had 1/4 of a chicken with a side salad and rice. She enjoyed it. My father had the same thing as I did, but substituted the chicken with beef. Chancho ordered the same as my dad. My dad also ordered a Peruvian beer called Cristal. He liked it, but not enough to order a second. I was disappointed because this place didn't have the ice cream that I love. It is made out of a fruit from Peru and called Lucuma. To me it has a caramel taste to it, but Chancho insists that it doesn't taste like that. We stopped down the street at another restaurant to get the ice cream to go. Chancho picked up some cookies that were delicious and gave it to my parents to try. I think that my dad was getting a little cranky towards the end of the night and was becoming rude when my mom was asking if he wanted to go to another place and he just flat out said I want to go home. It was getting to be past his bedtime, but I felt that he was being rude when here we are out to dinner and Chancho is paying for him and he is just focused on going home. Oh well, besides all of that, it was a pleasant night. I enjoyed myself.

I just got back from going with Chancho to donate blood. The local blood donation center has been calling him everyday at least 5 times a day, so he decided he'd actually donate. There is a huge blood shortage and everyone should be donating. However, I can't say much for I don't donate myself, but the guilt hasn't gotten to me yet. Here he is laying on the chair giving a pint of blood and I'm just watching and I'm about to pass out. For some reason whenever I see blood, I get very queasy. I never used to be that way. Even the simple prick of a needle gets me light headed. He was given apple juice and a choice of cookies and trail mix. He did very well and now is using the whole "I gave blood, you have to be nice to me" line, every chance he gets. In fact he's using that line right now as I'm typing because I'm not giving him my full attention. He doesn't like the taste of his own medicine. I told him he can wait just like I wait when he sits and reads his Yankee articles for hours.

Speaking of Yankees, we will be heading to the Bronx in a few hours for the game. Not that this game will be anything special since they already got the AL East division title. They won't be playing any of the good players, just to make sure no one gets hurt and they will be healthy for the post season. I don't mind that though. I'm going to see the Yankees and no matter who is playing, it'll be a great game, great experience. We're going to take the train down this time using the new stop. Instead of having to transfer in Harlem and walk a block to the subway we just get off the train and hop on another one which takes us straight to the stadium. I have a feeling I'm going to love this addition to the train schedule.


  1. Sounds like a good night out with the parents even though your dad got a little cranky towards the end. So did they like him? Was this the first time they met him or just the first time ya'll went out?

    i love peruvian food. We have a restaurant here. They make this steak with a grapefruit sauce that is to die for. I would've never paired the two together.

    I have never donated blood either. I don't know if I could handle seeing the blood either. I used to donate plasma while i was in school and I couldn't look because the needles are HUGE that they stick in you. I always felt yucky afterwards, but it didn't stop me because I got paid at least $20 bucks for doing it and I could do it a few times a month. I still have the scars on my arm. Great memories. :) That was nice of you to go with him while he donated. Did he want you to take care of him the rest of the day?

  2. This was the first night that we went out to dinner, but they've met him numerous times before. Chancho and my dad are the best of friends, the only guy that my dad will actually talk to without holding a gun or knife in his hand.

    Have you ever had the ice cream Lucuma? It is absolutely the best. You must try it if you haven't. Some don't like it because it is a little gritty, but it tastes like butterscotch or caramel, somewhere in between.

    He wouldn't let me drive him home after, insisting that he was fine and that only babies would need someone to do that for them. Which was fine with me, but he was very quick to mention he gave blood when he needed something from across the room or water from the fridge.