Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome to the Real World

Today was my first day using my new insurance card. Or at least the attempt to. As I am a graduate, I am no longer allowed to be under my parents insurance plan. (turns out there was a bill passed saying that I can be until I'm 25 or 27 I believe) I am not going back under their plan as of right now. Working for The Container Store, they provide insurance for part time employees as well as full time employees. Back in probably June, or July, I signed up for insurance coverage. A simple plan that would give me some extra comfort in case something happened and for when I needed to attend the doctors, dentist, or get eye glasses adjusted. Today was the first dentist appointment. Here I go into the office and am proud to announce that I have my own coverage and need to make my own account there. The secretary asks for the card and I hand it over with all smiles. She's looking at it, still looking, looks at me, looks back at the card and then says the following "You aren't covered for dental." I look confused and search for another card. I hand it to her and she says "You still aren't covered. This is the same card." Now I am embarrassed and confused. They continued to make an account for me and just said that when I get it all straightened out I could fax it over. Not a big deal. I go and sit down waiting to be called. The secretary decides she doesn't have much to do so she gives my insurance company a call to see if I really do have dental on my plan. The answer she receives? A flat out no. Well I need to get my teeth cleaned so I proceed with that, but they have to hold off on x-rays because there is no way in hell I can afford x-rays without insurance. The bill doesn't turn out to be too bad. Plus they told me I didn't have to pay it all at once. I get home and check my plan, I was an idiot and didn't get dental. I was so concerned about vision coverage that I must have skipped over dental or didn't see it. I can't change the plan now because I am passed the date to change things. I'm going to have to call them and see what can be done because this is unacceptable. I tend to have issues with my teeth so I need to be covered. Luckily I left with a "healthy mouth" and didn't have any issues, this time. This just goes to show, I need to reread and reread before I hit the okay button. Welcome to reality. Mom and Dad are no longer there to take care of things for me. Another life lesson well learned, I would say. I now know for next time, that's all. Hopefully it can all be worked out.

Better news though with Chancho. Today when he arrived at work he was called into the Command Officer's office and was congratulated for a job well done for this past year and he gave him a CO's day for this year and another one for next year! I am so proud of him. We're going to go out and celebrate once he decides when and where. He also told me he signed up for more overtime. He has a paid detail job on Sunday doing the Yankee/Red Sox game. I am so unbelievably jealous of him. And speaking of the Yankees, they secured the playoffs berth! I'm crossing my fingers for a championship, but not holding my breath. We also decided that we will be attending the first game of the season in Boston next year to watch the Yankees play against them. I am overly excited for this.

Feeling pretty good today, regardless of the hiccup at the dentist. I may go out for a jog and enjoy the last of the nice days.

Quote of the Day: "The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That's what I hope to give you forever." - The Notebook

Listening to: Darius Rucker, "Learn to Live"

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  1. Love the notebook quote. That's great news about Chancho. Congratulations to him! What a good po po he must be.