Friday, September 18, 2009

Golden Day Off

Yesterday was the first time that Chancho received a CO's day. A CO's day is when a Commanding Officer believes that you have done an excellent job and gives you any day that you choose to take off. This includes holidays! I repeat ANY HOLIDAY that you wish. So of course here begins the lengthy decision making of which holiday to choose. He has the entire year to choose from. I asked him how he could get this again, but sadly I was informed that you can only receive one once a year.

This past year he has been pretty lucky in getting some time off for holidays. Thanksgiving he was able to have the majority of the day off. Christmas was also a good one, almost unheard of, he got Christmas day off. He did work Christmas Eve, but he was able to get home in time to celebrate with his family. They have a unique tradition of celebrating Christmas Eve by having the entire family over at his house and wait until midnight, then toast with whichever drink his sister makes, which precedes opening presents. Each person opens their presents individually one by one and has a picture taken to document it. Last year was our first Christmas together, in which I was there to participate. It was a bit nerve wracking for me to sit in with his entire family and have them all stare at me while I opened presents and had my picture taken. I did suck it up and tried my best to participate, even though I don't know the language. Smiling does wonders in that case. The following day, Christmas Day, we spent it with my family. Our family Christmas doesn't put that much pressure on you as you open presents, it's more of a "dig in" type of mentality. There is also a larger amount of people in my family compared to his. At least here in America.

The one holiday he doesn't get off is New Years. I have yet to experience a New Years kiss from him. It was the one we were discussing on him using his CO day on, but he doesn't think that it will work because it goes into the following year and isn't officially used in the year it needs to be used by. Plus the fact that he would have to work the next day and wouldn't be able to enjoy himself. The thinking continues. I know eventually I'll have my New Years kiss, but I may have to wait for it a bit longer.

Quote of the Day: You've only got three choices in life- give up, give in, or give it all you've got.

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