Monday, September 21, 2009

Everyday Doings

Today in Manhattan there is a meeting of all the world leaders. You guessed it, Chancho is right there in the middle of it. On his day off. Adding to his overwhelming amount of overtime hours. He is stationed in front of the hotels where they are all staying until they go back to their respective continents. He is in charge of handling traffic. He says it's a nightmare and is really working for his money. Something he isn't used to doing, especially when some nights he sits with his partners in their suv and watch movies. Ironically though, he is wearing his traffic vest, the correct one this time and he mentioned that the others who didn't wear the correct one were posted elsewhere and had their vacation day taken away. I am so happy he got his right vest before today. His meal time consisted of sitting in his car and texting me until it was over. He isn't allowed to leave his post for any reason, not for food or drinks. To me, that doesn't seem right. How are they suppose to refuel if they aren't allowed to leave to get food and drinks? It's not like they can bring a bag lunch with them to work and eat it in their car or carry an apple in their pocket. So many things that I don't understand. I've got to learn how to let it all go.

On the subject of overtime, I've been slowly pushing Chancho away from it in hopes that he will slow down a bit. I've gotten a little worried with the amount of hours that he has put in. This month alone is ridiculous. He did a double on Saturday and was back to work this morning at 5am. He loves receiving the paychecks, but at what cost? He is getting hassled from all areas in his life now about not having enough time for everyone. I've tried to be more understanding and not push him so much about seeing me, but he gets it from his mother and family a lot more than I realized and now his friends are starting to see that he's never around and are giving him some hard times. Last night was the first night we hung out with friends in about 3 weeks. All of our friends asked what we were doing today because it was his day was the answer and everyone's eyes rolled. Then the comments started flooding in. They asked him when he was going to spend time with his girlfriend and when was he going to take me out for a romantic dinner or a movie. We were able to go out for a dinner last week, so it didn't look too bad when they asked me when the last time we went out was. His answer to them was that he's taking my parents and I out for dinner next week so that should count for the month. Oh guys, they just don't get it sometimes. I'm hoping that he listened to them and will start to slow down a bit. Chancho says that when the winter months come there won't be as many overtime hours available and that is why he's taking them all now. For some reason, I don't believe him.

Update on my old housemate who is engaged. I found out through a mutual friend that I am not invited to the wedding. There goes the plans to see everyone and have a good time. I won't start on how upset I am and hurt. I believe I've focused on that for more than I should at this point. The date is January 15th and she moves to Kentucky shortly after. I wish them all the best.

Off to search movies that are playing in our area because we are going to watch one in a movie theatre tonight regardless of what happens. I'm determined to go out with Chancho.

Quote of the Day:The difference between physical attraction and love is the ability to see the same person at their best and at their worst and still desire them without one false step. -Adam Chamness.


  1. Okay, I am officially caught up with your blog. I love it! And i love all the quotes you find.

    It sounds like you are very understanding and supportive of Chancho's work. i think that's great. It is hard though not to see someone as often as you would like, especially when they have other people fighting for his time and attention as well. I try not to nag HF too much either. I want him to work as much overtime as he can physically handle, but there are limits and not just me, but 3 little kids need to see him too. It also helps them when they get to relax and be treated good by the people who love them. I do think we can take a lesson out of Europe's book though. It seems everyone there gets a couple of months off for holiday. A mandatory holiday. And they take it too. We'll be going to Ohio and Virginia next summer, but we have no plans until then. I guess it's mostly staycations.

    okay, are you sick of my epic commenting now? :)

  2. I am secretly obsessed with quotes. I thought I'd share my book of quotes that I've written down for about 4 years now.

    Those "staycations" can be equally as good as a real vacation too. You just have to be in the mindset to enjoy it. If you're in Ohio in late August you might be able to sneak in an apple picking trip! Are your trips purely pleasure, family oriented or are you visiting people?

    Thanks for all of the comments! I love receiving comments, it lets me know that someone does actually like reading what I have to say and it's not just me typing away. So let the comments rain in!