Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kansas City Royals v. New York Yankees

A two hour rain delay is how we started our night last night. Luckily we grabbed a golf umbrella on our way out the door. It started raining the minute we sat down in our seats and that's where we sat for the 2 hours. We were the only ones sitting there in the rain. At one point it started raining pretty hard and we put up a second umbrella to make sure we were completely covered and Chancho tilted it a tad too much in my direction and a stream of water came pouring down the front of my shirt and then down my back. It was a good laugh as I shrieked from the cold water. The game started at 9 and it was a great game. Even though we weren't watching the first string Yankees, we still got to see a lot of history making take place. It was the first game I got to witness a grand slam, which was pretty cool. I did manage to handle all the desire to buy food. Everyone was coming back to their seats with sausages, hot dogs, popcorn, cheesy fries, garlic fries, and Philly cheese steaks. It all smelled so good, but for the price, it isn't worth it. I can't believe that people pay $5.50 for one lousy hot dog. The game went by quickly too, to my surprise. We actually got out around the same time that we would have been leaving a regularly scheduled game. They won, 8-2 and I got home by 1230am. We tried out the new Yankee stadium station off of the train. You jump on and it takes you to Harlem and then you catch a train back up to the Bronx, directly at Yankee stadium. It's a great stop. I love everything about it, especially that on the way back it's a direct train back home, no switching trains.

Time to make some dinner and watch tonight's Yankee game. Have a long work week ahead of me, crossing my fingers that Chancho will get a daytour this week and I'll be able to see him before Sunday. But we all know how that goes...

Quote of the Day: Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun, rain and all. Good job resisting the urge to buy the food. I love the quote of the day.