Thursday, September 24, 2009


Regarding the dentist situation, it has all been figured out. After speaking with my dad about the problem, he for some reason was able to recall a conversation he had with my mother. shocking! but anyways, he said that I had decided not to put the dental coverage on because it wouldn't be worth it. The amount of money there were going to be taking out wouldn't be worth it for the amount of times that I go to the dentist. So there it is. I freaked out, had a life lesson and it wasn't even needed.

Chancho received a phone call from his lieutenant this morning. He said that during a borough meeting his name came up in regards to overtime. He is banned from accepting or doing anymore overtime this month, possibly next month too. Thank you Lieutenant! As Chancho said, "Your prayer has finally been answered" and so it has. I'll be able to have our two days off together again. At least for a few weeks, but I'll take it. He has a daytour today so we're going out to celebrate his CO's days. Still haven't figured out what or where we're going, but I have a feeling it will be to one of our usual restaurants.

I got an email this morning from my boss. It was a facebook friend request from him. I was very tempted to just ignore it and go on about my business, but I know that I've discussed having a facebook page in front of him before and if I were to ignore him, it wouldn't go over well. I sucked it up and hit accept, but first I added him to the limited profile list. He can't see any photos, whether they were tagged of me or if I posted them and he can't see any private information that I have listed. Hopefully it will be enough to make him happy and it won't make things awkward for me. I feel like there should be a line between boss' being friends with their employees. I'm sure there are things on facebook that wouldn't go over well with him and I don't want that to trickle over into work. Work life is completely different than my social life. They need to be kept seperate. Hopefully this will be the compromise that I'm looking for.

Quote of the Day: It's the rule of life that everything you have always wanted comes the very second you stop looking for it. - Sex & The City


  1. "Your prayer has finally been answered" hahaha!
    Seriously, I am shocked at how much overtime your man had.

    Facebook is so crazy to me. I still only use it to connect with long lost people, but how awkward to have to add your boss. I'm glad they have those privacy settings though. I know this older lady (58) that reconnected with her highschool boyfriend in June, she tells her husband (who is her 2nd husband and 15 years younger than her, and totally a nice guy) that she needed to go and see him to make sure if he's her soul mate or not. So he apparently relents, she goes and now she has moved to Canada to be with him and is engaged to him now and is divorcing her husband but it's all cool I guess. I blame facebook.

  2. I swear I was dating a phone for the past month with the amount of time that I got to spend with him awake. Unfortunately, the month is up and he was only banned for the last 2 weeks. I am crossing my fingers that he learned his lesson and will cut back on the overtime hours.

    I would say facebook is to blame on that one too. I try and keep my friends to the ones that I can remember their birthdays. If you aren't important enough to remember a birthday than it probably isn't worth keeping in contact. Of course there are always those exceptions that sneak in. It's also a great tool for keeping in contact with family. I live far away from the rest of my extended family so it connects us in an instant. I've been able to see pictures of my newly born cousins who I most likely won't be able to see in person for years. As always, there are pros and cons.