Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Official!

And by Official I mean Chancho got the DVO position!!! He was called into the CO's office and he said that although he doesn't have that much time on the job, he was the most qualified and then offered him the DVO position formally. Chancho accepted gracefully and his days off will now be switched to Friday and Saturday. Which will be a slight problem for me, but I will have to do some rearranging with my schedule, but we'll see what happens. He will have the opportunity to switch back to Sunday, Monday's when someone else leaves from the unit. He'll get his shift hours when he speaks to his Sargent. This is going to be a great change for him. I am so very happy for him to get this. It will open up more doors for his career and hopefully get him situated for a higher position later on. Celebrations will have to take place this weekend along with my birthday celebrations. It will be a great weekend.

One more day until the great Turkey Day. I have work tomorrow early and we have 4 new people starting tomorrow. I got a sneak peak at who I will be partnered with to prepare myself and it is going to be with a newbie. I just need to go in with a smiling face and pull out all of patience that I can find inside of me to make it through the 4 rough morning hours. It really is hard for me to be patient with people at 5am, but I think that if they are willing to learn and have a good head on their shoulder than they won't have a problem with me. I am trying to stay positive. Plus I have to look forward to cooking cookies and an apple pie tomorrow after work. That will get me through the day.

Tonight after work I quickly spent $197 and change on items from work. It's amazing how quickly the money is spent at The Container Store. Thank goodness for my discount. The items that attacked my paycheck:
  • 7 rolls of wrapping paper (picked out a few that could be used through out the year though)
  • rafia to wrap the presents
  • gift tags
  • toothbrush/toothpaste holder for the bathroom
  • lotion dispenser (instead of having the ugly bottle sitting out)
  • a scrubby brush to clean the shower better
  • a shoe holder (really to hold gloves/hats/scarfs in the closet)
  • 2 bookcases to hold our collection of children books
It really was well spent and a lot more damage could have been done. I wanted to get a chair for the desk upstairs and gifts for the entire family for Christmas, but all of that can wait. 

Listening to: "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" by Lady Antebellum


  1. Congratulations!!!

    I hope that this job will be exactly what he is looking for, and will meet YOUR needs as well.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. WOOHOO yay for your man!Glad to see him get it! And Happy early bday when is the big day? I wish there was a container store here I would go nuts too! lol Have a great turkey day! xoxo Michelle

  3. Chancho says "Thank you, blogging friends" to all of you. My birthday is on the 30th, this upcoming Monday.

    MrsOfficer: Don't forget the container store ships! And right now it's free!