Saturday, November 14, 2009

Neighborhood Robbery

This just best friend down the street called me after I got out of work to let me know that there was a robbery down the street from us. Apparently as we were getting home last night from our birthday celebrating there was a robbery taking place. When the dropped me off and went back towards their house, they saw a sketchy guy standing on the street corner. He was wearing jeans and a gray hoody. When they tried to get a glimpse of his face to see if they knew him, they couldn't due to his hood being pulled down too far. They also saw two cars parked together in the street, one facing north the other facing south, so that the drivers could talk to one another. They said that they didn't feel safe. Their gut was telling them something wasn't right. It was raining out and late. I'm thinking anyone out at a late hour in the rain is up to no good. Today as she was going about her day a detective showed up at her front door asking if anyone saw anything suspicious last night. There was a robbery. She was able to give a description of the man standing on the street corner and the make, model and color of the cars. Hopefully those will give them some sort of lead to figure out what went down. I hope that this isn't a situation that will start to happen more often and that this was more of a targeted robbery. Our neighborhood is filled with middle class people, it is slowly becoming more upper middle class as our city evolves to a much bigger city, but for the most part these people have been living here for decades. We all know one another and have seen all the kids grow up. It is hard to hear that there was a robbery in such close proximity to my own house. The neighborhood below us is not the best, in fact it is more of a "ghetto" so to speak, I am hoping that this is just a one time deal. The only time that I have ever heard of a robbery or burglary happening in my neighborhood was about 15 years ago. It thankfully hasn't occurred again until now. This is exactly why I lock my doors at all times, no matter how safe I feel, those doors are lock.

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  1. thats too bad and its happening everywhere.My dh spoke to our one of our local officers and he says that we are having a rash of break ins in the daytime.They knock at your door and if your not home than they go in!