Saturday, November 7, 2009


I met my "niece" today for the first time. Leela, my sister's first dog, who is a rescue pitbull. She is so adorable and very well behaved. She listened the moment I walked in the door and never jumped on me. She just sat and wagged her tail waiting to be pet. She never barked the entire time that I was there. They haven't taught her any tricks yet, just the basic commands, but she does them so well. They decided against teaching her to play tug-a-war because it's an aggressive game and they want to stay away from anything aggressive due to her breed. The only sad part is that I'm definitely allergic to her. As soon as I was in their apartment for 5 minutes I was attacked by sneezes and itchy eyes. I will have to take my meds before traveling to their place now too.

We had a lovely evening together. A much needed visit. We went out to dinner, which I enjoyed, however my sister and my brother in law didn't like what they ordered. We were able to gossip about family and everything that has been bottled up inside. Speaking of family gossip, I found out that my younger cousin is now engaged! She got engaged two weeks ago and just recently announced it to a few family members. The news is starting to trickle on down through the grapevine. I'm very happy for her. I met her boyfriend at my sister's wedding this past summer and he seems to be a great guy. Now I get to look forward to another wedding! (which are my favorite!)

Chancho did a double today, first he started at 4:40am with managing the Yankee parade. (let's not go into how jealous I am of him being there, while I had to work) This was straight off of his regular shift which ended at 1am. Then he got to sleep during his second tour. He snuck into the bunks and slept. He begins again tomorrow morning for an overtime shift, yes that's right, he's back to doing overtime again. From that shift he does his regular one. He is going to be extremely tired and hopefully not cranky. I was hoping for a date on Sunday, but I have a feeling that it's going to be postponed, or really low key. We'll just have to wait and see, as usual.

Quote of the Day: "Don't ever think that there's not enough time to show how much you care. Always remember, big things are nice, but it's the small stuff in love that counts."


  1. She sounds like such a sweet dog!!

  2. Glad you got to meet your "niece" she sounds like a great dog,I wish my dogs knew how to behave!
    OT is great for the money but a killer on free time,hope u get to connect even for a little bit.Have a great Saturday!
    p.s-glad your team won!my mom in law asked my dh if he was happy the Yanks won and he says "mom there are 2 teams true Dodger fans hate,its the Yanks and the Giants!