Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We skipped out on Chancho's root canal appointment and drove to Philly. We got tickets at the last minute possible, changed into our Yankee gear and wound up in Philly 2 and a half hours later. We didn't even stop for food. I had to dig into my never ending purse to find something to munch on before I bit Chancho's head off for not stopping to get food. As we found our way into downtown Philadelphia, PA, we could see already how big this was for the city. Street signs were covered with "Go Phillies" and the electronic signs outside of Walgreen's were saying "Let's Go Phillies" and so on. When we pulled up to get into the parking lot the guy taking money, which was only a $12 fee! instead of $30 in the Bronx, didn't want to let us in because we were Yankee fans. He begrudgingly let us in after we paid. We decided to park on the side of the parking lot closest to the exit so when we got out after the game we wouldn't have to wait in a long line. Bad idea! As we walked proudly across the parking lot full of tailgaters we had lots of words thrown in our direction, nothing too nice either. We expected it, but this was a first experience for myself. Chancho loved it, he had words for them too as I tried to hurry him up. He's been to Boston and feels as though he can take on any crowd at this point. My only request to him was not to get into any fights. Inside the stadium, which was a very nice place. It is smaller than Yankee Stadium. It has a Phillie Phanatic Kids Zone. It's like a McDonald's play area, but Phillies themed. I wasn't too pleased with their food options, in fact I ordered their famous Philly Cheese steak and it was awful, I feel as though I've had better ones in NYC. Once the game began we were sandwiched between two Philly fans and the one sitting next to me was very obnoxious. He was screaming at the top of his lungs, and nothing productive either. I don't mind when fans yell, but at least say something funny or worth listening to. Unfortunately the Yankees did not win that game, but we're going to get them at home tonight! It was worth the money and I can happily check off a stadium off of my list.

Listening to: "Run This Town" by Jay Z


  1. Woo hoo!!!! Even though I hate crowds and would never do what you're doing, it certainly sounds like you're having fun!

    I'm trying to learn to like baseball. Poor YoungSon is a RedSox fan. :( He's sad.

  2. Oh dear, not a redsox fan! I am aiming to go to the first game of the season and that happens to be against the redsox. I hope I can handle that crowd!