Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Root Canal

Chancho made it through his double root canal today. Initially it was only supposed to be one, but as they were finishing it up, they noticed he needed another one done so they went right back and did that one. His right side of the face was numb for a few good hours. The poor baby. It was pretty funny watching him try to drink and eat. He had food stuck to his lip for a while, but couldn't feel it. He tried to milk it for all it was worth, but didn't really get much out of me, other than me driving him home from the appointment. He isn't in any pain as of now, he keeps saying that it's going to come, he can feel it. In fact he's getting worried that he isn't feeling any pain yet. He thinks there may be something wrong. At least he's at work dealing with it and his partner can deal with it now, show him some tough love.

Last night we already started gearing up for the new Yankee season, I know, I know, it just ended and we should be focusing on other things now, but if you're going to the first game of the season, planning starts now. We booked a hotel room for April in Boston. His father works for Hilton so we luckily get to use his discount on all Hilton hotels. Now we wait for ticket prices to go down. The hunt begins to find the best deal. We also have to figure out who will be joining us on the trip. After experiencing the Phillies fans, I do not want to go to Boston just us two. I've sent out invitations to people who I think would like to go, but no one is biting just yet. I guess it might be too soon in advance for people to plan.

I head back to work tomorrow after a nice 3 day weekend. I have a very light work week this week. It is also a close friend's birthday, which we'll be celebrating on Friday. Hopefully, Chancho will be able to get out early and come celebrate with the rest of us, if not, he'll be home on Thursday night for a change because he has court in the morning.

Here's a picture from Chancho's phone from when he was at the world series winning game:

And here is a picture of my "niece" Leela:

Quote of the Day: "women can iron, watch TV, chat on the phone and answer the doorbell all at the same time, but men? Men can only do one thing at a time. Ever try chatting to a man when he's trying to park the car? Exactly. He'll ignore you because he can only concentrate on one thing at a time." - Mr. Maybe by Jane Green

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