Thursday, November 5, 2009

Last Yankees Post For a While

The day has come and the Yankees are the 2009 World Champions!!!!! Number 27 for them, a 9 year wait. It was beautiful to watch. I got goosebumps and had tears in my eyes. They definitely deserved this win. They played great all season long and you could just see the connection between all of the team members this year that they were gonna make it happen. Chancho was able to be there for it all. He got the Yankee game detail and was posted outside of gate 4. Gate 4 is not the main gate to be let in, but it is a pretty big one. He was able to make it inside to the great hall to watch the game and hear it all happen. I'm sad to say that last night was the last night for Yankee baseball til April. It seems so far away and I am going to have so many nights free now. I guess I really do need to start brainstorming on things to do.

Tomorrow I'll be heading to NJ to visit my sister. I'll finally be able to meet her dog and see my brother in laws new tattoo, that he is so very proud of. He is getting a sleeve done on his right (?) arm. It'll be nice to see them both, I haven't seen them in a few months now. I'm looking forward to doing something different. I'm also attempting to convince my brother to come visit as well. He says he has other priorities with work though.

Chancho is doing a double tomorrow, starting to bring back his overtime title. Apparently because of this new CO his two CO's days are no longer available to him, if the new CO doesn't want to honor them. I am starting to dislike this new CO more and more as the days pass by. He showed up during election duty on Monday to make sure that Chancho was actually there and doing his job and read through his memo book. That is technically the right procedure, but no one ever does do that. He even asked him the color of the day, thankfully Chancho knew. His partner didn't and he ripped him a new a-hole. I hope he settles down and relaxes a bit once he realizes that the guys he has command over are doing their jobs and don't need to be supervised and bullied all the time. The latest update with the DVO position is that Chancho isn't going to take it. He was told that if he does take it then he would have to get 4 arrests a month compared to the 2 he normally would need, which could ultimately bring down the other officers in the unit. He isn't willing to do that to the others and his sergeant.

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  1. YAY yankee's:) Thats a bummer about chancho and the DVO position but maybe something else willo pen up alittle better?Some guys just try to be a harda** hopefully his new CO will settle down!CUZ geesh if they get it at work they are all that much grumpier!haha