Monday, November 16, 2009

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation

Today we went on a hike to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. It was such a nice day out. There wasn't even a need for a jacket and we were walking in t-shirts. The hike was a loop and it was very well marked and the pathway was well groomed and wide. There were quite a few people there, whom were all so nice. Everyone seemed to have a dog with them too. Right from the get-go I noticed that Chancho was limping, which isn't a great sign when you're planning on going on a 2 1/2 hour hike. He mentioned that it wasn't anything, just an ingrown toenail. We continued on and as he stumbled over a couple of rocks he was complaining a lot and cursing with every stumble, in pain. At this point we were far enough in that we could either turn around and go back or finish it out. He insisted that we continue on, I agreed as long as he wouldn't complain anymore. He did great with that. It was more of a work out for him, but he was a champ and managed to finish the hike. It went up to about 700ft and had a gorgeous view of the Hudson River. They kindly provided a bench for us at the look out point. The loop that we decided to take was called the Leatherman's Loop. It had a "cave" that the Leatherman used to stay in, which we got to see. I really liked this place. We'll definitely go back again. It also wasn't too far away, about a 20 minute drive.
Side Note: I was able to fit into my skinny jeans for the first time today!

Here's three pictures from my phone. I forgot my camera again!

 This is the bench that was provided for us.

These are the views from the look out point.


  1. for some reason I can't see the pics,just a little red x!
    Congrats on fitting into your skinny jeans.I wouldnt even dare!lol

  2. Thank you for letting me know about the pictures, I reposted them, they should work now.

  3. i can see them! very nice,those phone cameras sure do come in handy.