Thursday, October 8, 2009

ALDS Game #1

Welcome to the concrete jungle Twinkies! It was so unbelievably fun yesterday. I began the day with work from 5am to 9am and quickly headed over to Chancho's for a nap until 1pm. We were supposed to leave to go to the bars around 2pm, but he finished his mlb game early and was anxious to start pregaming. My sleep suffered the consequences. We made it to James Joyce by 1pm, he woke me at 12:30pm. We ordered lunch/dinner and a ton of drinks. Our waiter was the greatest. He payed us special attention the entire 3 hours that we were there for and gave us a few rounds on him. He happened to be the same waiter that was waiting on us the day we found out that Michael Jackson died. We must have had a bonding moment over that.

Once on the train, Chancho whipped out his police ID and showed the MTA employee so we didn't have to buy a ticket, but she responded with "That won't work once you get to the Yankee Stadium station, you'll need to buy a ticket." We have a traveled there before using his ID and hadn't run into a problem before and Chancho shared that with this employee who automatically struck up an attitude with him. She turns to me and says "Does he not understand me? I said that you can't use that at the Yankee Stadium station and you'll get us in trouble. I have a memo that I can show you two." I was shocked. Chancho was just stating that he hadn't had problems in the past. There wasn't a hint of authority or snottiness in his voice when he said it either. The lady returned with the memo and it did say that the ID wouldn't be allowed to get through the turn styles unless you had a MTA police card. (Which Chancho does have) The memo was issued in June. We went through two weeks ago without a problem. Chancho offered to pay for the tickets on the train and she refused his money. She said she didn't want it and that that wasn't her point. Not sure then exactly what her point was if she was saying that his ID wasn't going to work, which would mean we would need to buy tickets, but yet she wouldn't take his money. Anyways, we got through without a problem. I figure she's either 1. a rookie and is nervous or 2. has had a bad experience with cops before.

Once inside the stadium and in our seats we drank away and enjoyed the game! The Yankees won 7-2. It was the greatest experience. I loved every minute of it. Thank you so much Chancho for the birthday present! It was worth every penny spent. Even if it did lead to a rough morning at 7am for a mandatory meeting at work.

Speaking of presents, in my intoxicated state, I shared with Chancho what I got him for Christmas. I couldn't hold it in. So now I can share on here, I got him a signed Mariano Rivera jersey. It should arrive within the next week. I did however manage to hide the surprise that I ordered him a dozen baby roses for our anniversary which is today. Not a big anniversary, but I just wanted to show him that I too can do some romancing. He loved it.

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  1. aww you made him happy after the not so happy run in earlier! our men do love a little romance back! :)