Saturday, October 24, 2009

Apple Pie Outcome

Wellll the outcome of the pie is that it didn't taste the way I wanted it to. The house didn't even smell as it was supposed to while I was cooking it. It turns out that I was reading the wrong recipe. I was making a French Apple Pie. It called for some interesting ingredients, which I followed, but was a little confused about. It wanted eggs to be used in the filler and apricots as well. There wasn't any cinnamon either. It is definitely an edible pie though. My father ate half a slice, which is saying a lot because he never, ever, eats sweets, at least not before midnight. I am going to follow the real apple pie recipe for Chancho's family. If it doesn't come out well, then so be it. It is the thought that counts right? I'm aiming to make the next pie tomorrow during my day off and while Chancho sleeps, this way when he wakes up he'll have something to try out. I'm also hoping that this next pie won't take me a gazillion hours to make.

On the topic of food, last night I ordered Chinese food. I was in the daring mood to broaden my horizons with their food so I got the Hawaiian Five-O. It comes with a mixture of seafood, like jumbo shrimp, lobster and crab. Then mixed in with that there is chicken and pork, along with broccoli, water chestnuts, mushrooms and other things I'm not sure of. It tasted really good. I would order it again. However, the appetizer I got, boneless spareribs, I would not. I'm not sure if it was just this place, but the sauce they used was too bitter. I also got my usual egg roll, I love egg rolls, especially dipped in sweet and sour sauce. I was a bit upset that the dinner didn't come with a fortune cookie. The economy to blame? or is it just a forgetful employee? I was looking forward to it because we are collecting the fortunes to put in a picture frame. The goal is to hang up a few picture frames in the bathroom that have the fortunes in them. We have one frame full already.

Lastly, it seems that we have to wait another night before we know if the Yankees will head to the world series! The suspense is killing me!! Chancho is going crazy. He can't sleep well at night because that's all he's thinking about. Hopefully we can win this! I want to go to Philly to see them. A dream of mine is to visit all of the Baseball stadiums. This would help me out if they got to the world series. In fact, Chancho and I were planning the trip out west to go to Disneyland and if that didn't work out then we would aim for a stadium out west instead. Is it sad that we are planning our vacations around the Yankees? I would like to call it dedicated fans!

Quote of the Day: "The most important thing in life is your family. There are days you love them, and others you don't. But, in the end, they're the people you always come home to. Sometimes it's the family you're born into and sometimes it's the one you make for yourself." -Sex & the City

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  1. yes let me know how it comes out.Its my hub'sfav we get that instead of cake forhis bday.But usually I buy it at Marie calender's Im too afraid I wont make it right!