Saturday, October 17, 2009

Change of Pace

Chancho worked a new shift today. He started today at 3pm and will get out at 11:35pm, but he is doing 3 hours of overtime to add onto it. The reason behind the shift change was that they needed someone to do patrol. He volunteered with one of his partners and they began their day with a transport of 2 males and his detail for the night involves all of Van Cortland park. Now the good news is that he'll have a daytour Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursday he's taking a class at the police academy for community sensitivity which gets him home around 4pm. This would be a great upcoming week, but I have the overnight shifts at my job. So we will have about 3-4 hours in between our shifts to see one another. I feel that there is a mini vacation in order for us to catch up with one another. He received his vacation voucher for donating his car, so maybe that can be used up. I'd love to visit California or Florida to get some warm weather and I heard that if you volunteer with some organization you can get a free pass to Disney Land or Disney World. It would work out great if we could combine the two to make a great vacation.

On a side note, I need to work in time to bake some apple pies. I have all of these apples still sitting there staring at me. I'm going to have to suck it up and just do it one of these days. I don't want the apples to go bad.

The Yankee game was amazing as usual. We sat up in the grandstands along the 1st base line next to the foul pole. It was freezing, absolutely freezing out. I had on 7 layers and still managed to be cold. If we wind up going to the world series, I am going to bring a comforter with me to stay warm. Towards the end of the game there was a rowdy fan that was getting a little out of control in the annoying sense and got kicked out for a brief moment. Well his friends didn't like that too much and came back and started causing some ruckus. A few things were thrown, a beer bottle landed in the row behind us as guys were holding the rambunctious guys back from hitting one another. I just wanted to watch the game, but I was a bit afraid of something hitting me from behind. The Yankees won 4-1! Hopefully tonight's game goes as smoothly! I'll be out with coworkers going to another gay bar, hopefully the game will be on there so I can keep track.

Quote of the Day: "I don't make you feel special. I just remind you that you are special." - David F. Sims

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  1. when you don't get to see them all that much cause of the work hours makes that time when you do all the much better ;)
    Cali right now is having 70-80 degree weather-today its kind of chilly,overcast,wish it would make up its mind to be fall or not!LOL
    by the way I like the name Chancho,sounds cool!