Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sensitivity Training

5 o'clock seems a little different when I have to be at that time and it's not for work. I made it home early from work at midnight after a quick overnight at work and had trouble falling asleep from being so mad at the Yankees, but I did eventually fall asleep. Chancho on the other hand, I learned pulled an all nighter from being so mad. They lost their game last night by a single pitch. It wasn't the greatest sight to be seen, but anyways, Chancho needed to be in Manhattan this morning for his first of three days of Sensitivity Training. Here enters me to give him that ride to the train station so he could make the 5:19am train. Which leaves me wide awake and able to have time to blog.

He has received 3 civilian complaints this year. Therefore, the big guys upstairs believe that he doesn't know how to talk to people properly. (Which in my eyes is completely wrong.) Apparently every cop who receives these 3 complaints within less than a year must attend these classes, plus you are put on a level one monitoring. In Chancho's situation all three were looked into and classified as unsubstantiated, meaning they don't have enough to go forward with so his actions were deemed proper, but NYPD still puts their cops on monitoring regardless if found not guilty. In two of the cases it was actually Chancho's partner who got the complaint, but because he was there and involved the complaint got tacked onto his file as well. (Not fair in my eyes.)

The class is 3 days long. It is held in the academy building and involves guest speakers that talk about community policing and how to be more sensitive when talking to people. Very simple I suppose, but I bet a real bore. All ranks are placed together in this class too. Luckily his monitoring is almost up. He only has until January to go. Hopefully nothing else comes up until then. I'm worried that he's going to wind up falling fast asleep during this class. He can sleep anywhere, at anytime and by the sounds of this, he will be asleep before the first couple of words are spoken. I hope that he gets out early too. That will give us a little more time before I need to be back at work.

I start work tonight at 8pm and get out at 5am. I hope it goes by quickly and smoothly. There should be a big team coming to help, around 20 of us. From the sounds of it though these aren't the normal people who do trucks and maintenance in the store so it may not go so smoothly. There will be a lot of teaching and patience will be needed on my part and that is the one thing I do not have a lot of. At least we'll be fed by the company. Last night they ordered 3 pies and we finished all three, pepperoni, cheese and chicken finger. My supervisor said she's making brownies, I hope she remembers!

I am going to try and get back to sleep, at least until the sun comes up.

Quote of the Day: "Do what makes you happy. Be with who makes you smile. Laugh as much as you breathe && Love as long as you live."

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