Thursday, October 15, 2009


It's raining. It's been raining all day. It probably will rain all day tomorrow and the day after. I had to be carrying customers purchased items out to their cars all day in the rain. I was not thrilled. The store was jam packed with customers all day. When it rains, it's when they go shopping. It's crappy and they have nothing else to do, but go spend their money. It's just what people do.

Now for Chancho, he can't get anything. He's been driving around looking for action. He needs to get his fourth arrest for the month, but there is nothing out there. If anything I think that they should be looking inside buildings for trespassers. It's raining out, therefore people go inside to get out of it. Stairwells are always a huge hit. However, I am not too fond of the building sweeps. Last year around Christmas they had an incident that left his partner out of work for a bit with am injured back. I guess they do what they have to do though. The buildings that they usually look in are located in the "ghetto". Not a great place that I want Chancho to be in, but I realize that this is something he's got to do. If he can handle it, then so can I. Here's a little story about his first day on the job that involved these buildings. His first day on the job, fresh out of the academy. He's with an Asian guy who is also doing his first day. Instead of being a patrol officer, they were placed into an Impact Team. They go wherever the precinct needs them. For instance, say there was a shooting or a stabbing in a certain neighborhood, that's where his team would focus on for that day or week, just to let the public know they are doing something about it. So here he is in this particular neighborhood and he's outside of one of these "ghetto" buildings when he gets shot at from above. Everyone is okay, nothing bad happens, situation is taken care of. He goes back to the precinct and says "This is going to be a long 20 years." and heads home. The Asian guy who was with him goes back to the precinct and says "Here's my shield and gun. I'm out of here." and Chancho never saw him again. It definitely takes a special person to do what they do everyday, no doubt about it.

Yankee game tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed it doesn't get rained out!

Quote of the Day: "This is your life, right now. It doesn't wait for you to get back on your feet." -A Lot Like Love

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