Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Mumblings of Memorable People

In the fall spirit, I thought I'd write about a trip to Pumpkinville that Elisabeth and I once took. We were of course not doing school work, but sitting in our respective rooms listening to music and chatting online with friends instead. I get an instant message from Elisabeth from the room next to me telling me to visit this website called Pumpkinville. I was very confused to as what this could be, but I clicked on it anyways and low and behold there is a place in NY that is called Pumpkinville. (Only in WNY would there be a place) She said we had to go. There was no option, we were going. So we planned a date. It turns out that it was the day after a very eventful, drunk Halloween party. Elisabeth's friend from home was visiting for Halloween and she joined us on the adventure along with our two neighbors. The five of us crammed into the car with mapquest directions and horrible hangovers to find this place. After driving for about 35 minutes we realize that the gas tank is on E. The E light was screaming at us to get gas, but out in the middle of corn fields and cows there aren't any gas stations to be seen. We placed the car in neutral let the hills take us as far as we could go. We luckily made it to a gas station on fumes. A couple of wrong turns after that we found ourselves winding through bright yellow and orange turning leaves to Pumpkinville! It was great! They had a great selection of pumpkins that were picked for you right when you walked through the front fence and all along the fence were little sheds that they made into booths to sell, chocolate, homemade crafts, donuts, Halloween decorations, Thanksgiving decorations, corn, squash, apples, cider, and their own T-shirts. They had a petting zoo of goats and sheep. They also had a "haunted tunnel". It was literally a step in and step out of it shed that had spiderwebs and fake black spiders attached, clearly for those under the age of 6. We found ourselves taking pictures in the cut out figures, making ourselves into ghosts, scarecrows and they even had the characters from Peanuts! We were too old to ride on the cow train, but it was cute to watch all of the little kids having fun. Out in the back was a large field that allowed you to pick out your own pumpkin if that's what you chose to do and off to the side of that was the corn shotgun. You got 3 corns and placed it into the gun and it was a contest to see how far you could shoot it out. I think you got a pumpkin if you got it the furthest. They also had great food. The usual hot dogs, french fries, sausage, and chili. One of the main attractions besides the pumpkins was the old cider mill. You got to watch cider being made in front of you. It was pretty cool, but too boring for us to actually watch the entire thing. We enjoyed ourselves and it was great to get away from school for a while. We enjoyed ourselves so much that Elisabeth and I took our roommates to it the next year.

I wish that I was able to go again this year, but being 7 hours away, it doesn't seem worth it to me. I'll have to find something close by that could substitute it.

Quote of the Day: "The best memories come from the best of times, which can only come from the best of friends."

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