Friday, October 23, 2009

Apple Pie

I finally had time today to bake my apple pie. Only 3 weeks after apple picking. I am too nervous to give it a try so it is still sitting on the top of the oven waiting for someone to dig in and give me the report on how it tastes. If it goes well then I'll make the second pie for Chancho's family. I can't believe that Chancho has never had an apple pie before and second that they haven't had an apple pie since moving to the US. Hopefully I can provide them with a tasty one to remind them of how good they are. Sadly it took me around 2 and a half hours to make the pie. I was distracted by text messages and downloading music, but still I feel like it took me a really long time to make it. I also think that the next pie I make, I will not be making homemade crust. It takes too much time, especially when I can just buy it and roll it out.

Chancho returned back to his regular work schedule today. He was attending the sensitivity training for the past 3 days. His last class involved an interactive movie. Those that were in the class were given remotes and got to decide what the officers did in the movie and that then in turn created a new situation for them to figure out. For example, a police officer does a car stop. When he walks up to the car he notices that there is an African American sitting in the driver seat. The class then had to decide from 3 choices what the officer did next. A.) Ask for license and registration. B.) Ask the driver to step out of the car or C.) Call for back up. Once the class voted, whichever choice had the most percentage of votes, the officer did what they picked and then the next situation would arrive. Chancho said that they all just goofed off and picked the wrong or morally wrong answer just to mess around with the instructor. He said he had a good time, but he's glad to be back working his shift again.

Quote of the Day: "You say 'Looks like somebody has too much time on their hands.', but all I hear is 'I'm sad because I don't know what creativity feels like.'."

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  1. ooh let me know how this goes. I have never made an apple pie before! How nice of you to make it for the family..They will surely love it and it will bring you that much closer!