Tuesday, October 27, 2009


A couple of spots are opening up soon for a Domestic Violence Officer. Chancho seems to be jumping at the chance to leave his current team. A DVO is responsible for following up on domestic violence complaints and making arrests related to that. Apparently all of the people who have been working this unit have been working for more than 5 years. One of the men is getting promoted to Sargent soon and the other has 19 years under his belt and is retiring soon. One of them asked Chancho if he was interested in taking their place.

Here is what will come with him switching over: He will only need 2 arrests a month, compared to 4. There aren't any summonses needed, compared to 20 a month. Two days off, Sunday and Monday (no change there). The best part for me, he gets to decide his tour. He can pick either a daytour or a nighttour depending on the situation at hand. Only problem is now it's more intense line of work, instead of making marijuana arrests, they're domestic assaults, harassment and violations of order of protections.

Chancho believes that he has a good chance of getting it because a lot of them like him and recommended him for the position. The Sargent who runs it is a female who likes him as well. He wants it because it'll keep his complaints down, keep him a little safer because he'll be inside doing more paperwork. He believes there will be more time for me and time to go back to school as well as studying for the Sargent's test.

Right now there is a new commanding officer coming in this Wednesday to take over and it doesn't look good. There are rumors going around that there are going to be big changes and that everyone needs to start over to prove themselves. Their prior record is essentially erased because this new co doesn't know them. He isn't going to appreciate their work and Chancho said that his best piece of advice from attending the Sensitivity Training was that the department doesn't appreciate what you do or how much activity you do. You're just a number to them and if you do anything wrong enough to cost them money they will fire you no matter what, even if you were doing what they asked. Sounds like the right time to be moving on to something new and better in my opinion. He's already being screwed over by having to work later this Friday and Saturday because of Halloween.

Hopefully, he gets this new position and is happy with it.

Pie Update: His family loved it! A big hit, his mother called to ask him where it went to because she needed to eat it! Success! Now I just need to make another one, an American Apple Pie.

Quote of the Day: "A name makes no matter to me, as long as I can call you my own." - A Knight's Tale

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