Sunday, March 7, 2010

All Things Coach

I spent yesterday at the outlet mall. Woodbury Commons is the closest to us here (half hour away). I ventured over to the Coach Outlet. I was in absolute heaven. There was a bit of a line. Actually it was the only store that had a line and someone directing the growing crowd. Once inside it was frantic. There was yet another line that wrapped around the store for check out. Chancho stood on line while I shopped. I came up with these two items. Which I am absolutely in love with. I got a wristlit for when I go out and don't need a purse and I also got a purse. I couldn't resist with the prices. The original price for the wristlit was $78. I got it for $39! The original price for the purse was $328. I got it for only, wait for it.....$103! They also had a coupon that was passed around while we were waiting on line so the total amount that I paid for everything was $97!!! I should have bought more, but there will be other trips to be made. Plus, I didn't want Chancho to get grumpy.

We headed over to the Sony store after. Chancho bought a camcorder for around $219. The original price was close to $400! He needs a camera for when he goes to Peru, so this was the perfect opportunity to buy it. We were both very satisfied shoppers. It was also an absolutely beautiful day out. I think it got up to 52* and the sun was shinning the entire time. We stopped off at Red Robin for dinner. We don't get to go there very often, as there aren't any within a reasonable distance for dinner. I think we had a great day together. I was exhausted by the end of the day and passed out as Chancho played around with his new toy. I have a feeling we'll be heading back there some time soon.

Don't forget today is Sunday so check out the Postsecrets!

Listening to: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Jason Castro
Quote of the Day: "The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."


  1. Awesome deal! I, too, love Coach. They are really great purses. :)

  2. You posted on two of my favorite things: Coach and Postsecret! I just love both of them! There's a coach outlet in our mall and it's a good thing I don't go in there or we would be even more broke!