Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mother Nature is Pissed

We've had some pretty exceptionally crazy weather in the past 24 hours. I'm almost certain it was as close to a hurricane as New York would like us to have. I worked until 12pm on Saturday and then headed to Ikea. I felt like I was cheating on The Container Store. I refused to buy anything that was similar to what we sell. While we were inside the ginormous building ooing and ahhing at all the neat stuff there was a black out. We were standing in the candle section when it went completely dark. My first thought was "I can't see. I can't see anything!" I quickly went for my phone to make some form of light and noticed I didn't have any service, and then the generator kicked on. It was amazingly quiet though. No one screamed, no one dropped anything. I was expecting panic, but nothing like that. It was as though nothing happened and people went on their shopping ways. My mother had had enough. She wanted out of there so we quickly got to our car through a dark parking garage, I guess the generator didn't work that far. The street lights were out so chaos ensued on the streets. It was pouring out and the wind was ridiculous. We were driving in a Honda CR-V so it was swaying a bit. Once we found our route back home, it was nail biting the entire way home. There were a few instances where trees had fallen onto the highway into 2 lanes of oncoming traffic. We made it home fine, only to find an entire neighborhood without power, three roads blocked off because of down wires and trees and a tree had fallen in front of our driveway almost making it impossible to get into it.

This morning as I was traveling to work I saw all the damage. Tree limbs everywhere, garbage littered the streets and trees and power lines down galore. My neighbor lost 2 HUGE pine trees. They tore up their driveway, but thankfully fell down the hill away from any houses or cars. A few feet down the street, a white Honda didn't have the same luck.  Another pine tree fell and just smushed it to the ground, while taking out half of a house. A Maple tree landed on the front porch of another house up the road from me, completely destroying it. The Stop & Shop across from work had some major damage to the building, it looked as though the roof collapsed.

Now that the sun has set, the entire neighborhood starting two houses up the street is without power. For some reason, we do. Thank the lord! I hope it stops raining soon otherwise I'll be swimming to get the folboat out of the barn so I can paddle my way to work.

Listening to:"Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba
Quote of the Day: "There are a lot of things about me that aren't what you thought. But if you love me, you have to love all things about me." -Dirty Dancing

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  1. Parts of the northeastern US have been hit with conditions that you have described above. Garbage dumpsters flipped over, cars hit by trees, power issues, all sorts of problems. I like the way you brought this story up. I hope everything is okay with you.