Monday, March 29, 2010


I can't hold it in any longer. I'm bursting at the seems. This weekend is opening weekend for the Yankees and really baseball in general. I get out at 10:30AM on Thursday starting my long weekend. Chancho gets out around 2pm on Thursday and doesn't have to be back to work until Tues. (same as me).
Saturday we'll be spending the day at my Uncle's house in CT celebrating Easter. This will be the first Easter that I am home for since 4 years ago. I had spent the last 4 Easters up at school with my roommate who graciously adopted me into her family for Easter dinner and some Easter egg coloring. What's great about this year, is that we'll be spending it with my entire family, which means that my sister, her husband, my brother and his wife will all be attending. The rumor going around is that there's going to be an Easter egg hunt, with cash in the eggs and a surprise gift to the one who wins the most eggs. I have a feeling this may get dangerous, the youngest one participating in the hunt is 19, and we're all competitive...imagine for yourself the 10 of us racing around a backyard searching for eggs, pushing and yanking on one another. Should be a good time.

Then...Sunday early, and I mean around 5am, Chancho and I make the trek to Boston. I really want to go to the Aquarium. My sister said it was something I couldn't pass up. I'm not really sure what else to do there, but something will probably come up. Sunday should be a cloudy 68* and go down to 48* for game time. Monday will most likely be rain, but if we're going to the aquarium, then that will be fine. We'll just need to find something to do outside on Sunday. I've got my outfit all picked out and I'm slowly pumping myself up. I'm not gonna lie, I am really nervous about the fans and all the heckling, but after talking with a bunch of people who have been to Fenway, they said that Philly fans are definitely worse. I've been to Philly sooooo I think I'll be able to handle em! Bring it on! I'll throw back a few beers and try to enjoy myself.

It'll be a great way to enter April. Half way through the month I should have one of my roommates visiting me. I haven't seen her since May and I miss our daily lunches so we'll be going out for lunch and probably sight seeing around the city. She's an organization addict which means I'll be showing her the Container Store. She'll probably wind up having to buy another suit case to take back all the things she buys!

I wish this rain would go away already! But it's making me in the mood to organize, so I'm off to do that.

Listening to: "Will You Be There" by Michael Jackson

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