Friday, March 5, 2010

ooo la la

So today I had the pleasure of seeing Chancho in his uniform. Now most of you are probably wondering why this is something out of the ordinary right? Well, for one, we don't live together so I don't get to see him right when he gets home from work, most of the time anyways, and two, he changes at work. He doesn't bring his uniform home. I am still uniform struck every time I see it, which has been probably only a hand full of times. I think I can count on two hands how many times I've seen it and we've been together for about 2 years now. The only time he brings his uniform home is when he does his Paid Detail of working for another company. Today he is working on 5th Ave across from Central Park. In his transformation from a plain clothes individual into his uniform cop look, I noticed that his vest has a pocket. I questioned him on it wondering why there would be a need for a pocket in a bullet proof vest. His answer was that it was for a metal plate for his heart. I then automatically questioned him on where it was. His response: "I forgot to get it." He's been a cop for 3 years now. How do you "forget" to get something that could essentially stop a bullet from entering your heart?! He went on to answer my shocked expression that it's expensive and he just never got around to it. In my opinion I think I would want to invest in something like that, but that's just me. I am quickly reminded of the two times that he's been shot at. The first time being his first day on the job and the second when he was pulling over a car and the woman in the passenger seat got out and just started shooting at them. I don't know about you, but I would want that extra metal plate there for the "just in case" moments.
Then I noticed his hat. It has a clear plastic pocket on the inside. I asked what that was for and he said that some people put pictures in there of their loved ones. I'm now on a mission to find a picture for him to put in there of me. Do any of your cops have pictures in their hats?
I was very close to traveling with him into the city tonight for a "ride along". NYPD forbids ride alongs so I am very interested as to his life while he's at work. Since he's working for another company, I would be able to be in the vicinity of his post, essentially spying on him while he did his work. The only thing that discouraged me from going was the fact that he's there until 11pm tonight and I have work at 7am. Plus, what was I going to do for 8 hours in Central Park? There is only so much one can do for free by themselves for 8 hours in a park. We'll have to plan better for next time. I'd love to see him in his uniform for 8 hours. Maybe that will give me a long enough fix and I won't be caught drooling over him the next time he's wearing it.

Listening to: "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train
Quote of the Day: "Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door." - Coco Chanel


  1. Mr D doesnt wear a hat but he holds his photos in his wallet. And his locker looks like a high schoolers with all the photos etc. He has a little brag book in his duty bag too of the kids photos. They have hats but arent required to wear them unless something is going on like a funeral etc.

  2. Hottie doesn't have a hat either but his computer and cubicle are covered in pictures.
    He also isn't allowed to do ride-alongs (boo) and he leaves his uniform at work. But I tell you what ... whenever we visit him at work I find myself staring and drooling. There's just something about the way it fits him, and how he looks so official, and how he carries himself, and the gun on his belt, and the little ear piece in his ear ... I'm drooling again.

  3. Our guys wear hats when they make traffic stops.

    Whenever I see Indubitably in his street clothes, I get all school girlish inside and and am silenty squealing and melting. When I see him in his uniform (which is probably equal to street clothes), I'm like, "Ooooooh yeah..."

    (cue the Ferris Bueller music)

  4. That patch looks awesome! Police officers are great and they keep society safe!

  5. Aww I couldn't agree more! There is nothing better than seeing my man in his uniform! When he is up way before me, I try really hard to get the sand out of my eyes and quickly get a few good looks at him before he heads out the door. What a way to wake up!

  6. love the patch and I want one!
    mine doesnt wear a hat or his uniform home,but he does drop by every once in a while and wowza!!
    I had a guardian angel pin blessed and he wears it inside of his vest.