Monday, March 22, 2010

What a poopie day

Remember how I had thought that it was going to be an okay day? I was wrong. It only got worse from 9am on. Buster woke up at 9 and was in a cheerful mood. The dog on the other hand decided it would be terrific to follow me back inside after being put out to use the potty. She had diarrhea and let it flow all over the living room carpet! It was squirting out as she walked from the living room and on in to the dining room. I did one of those "What are you doing?! Oh crap! Crap! Crap! Stoppppp!" type scenarios with my arms raised and flailing about thinking that would stop her from, what she obviously could not control. I was out of my mind. I mean, how do you stop an ill/handicapped dog from releasing herself? Of course she went to go lay back down for the rest of the day after that incident, but left me with a huge mess to clean. They had run out of paper towels so I couldn't clean it with that and I wasn't sure where to find the dog towels, so there I stood with the spot remover just spraying like crazy. My gag reflex was being tested good today. I had to walk away a few times to take a breather and recoup. Thank goodness Buster was down for his nap at this time, otherwise, who knows what I would have done.

Then it was Buster's time. His diaper exploded. And I mean exploded. He did his usually poop face and I just figured, quick and easy change and back to playing. Nope. It couldn't be that easy. He too, had diarrhea and it squished out of his diaper and all over. It covered his back and coated his onesie. It was another huge mess. I managed to get him all cleaned up and ready to go. It happened 2 more times...

If I have to see any more poop...

In the middle of all of that, I received a text from Chancho saying that an officer was shot today. 3 times in the stomach. He responded to an EDP who locked himself inside his house and then let loose firing his gun. As of now, he's in critical condition. Chancho, thankfully, has not been sent out, yet, like many other officers. My thoughts are prayers are with all officers and their families tonight. Please stay safe out there!


  1. Oh my God. That's definitely the sort of day where all you can think is "Well, glad I didn't go sky diving." That, or "Is 10am too early for a margarita?" Or, even: "Is it wrong to keep my kid naked in a bathtub so I can hose him down whenever?" Keep your head up! And get me a marg while you're at it! ;)

    Aaaaand wow. That last graf. My prayers are with the officer and his family. :(

  2. I'm hearing too many of these officers being hurt or killed stories again. I don't like it! I'm thinking of the families everywhere today.

    Your poopie day sounds a lot like my days, most days. :)