Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Tips

Right now at the always cheerful, Container Store, there is the Work Smart Office Sale going on. Catchy name huh? I always stumble when I say it. Anyways, I've picked out an item that I thought would benefit most of my readers. I know that the majority of you have kids in school. So here is something to help organize school work. If your family has a desk, tiny table, a place that is wide enough for it, it would work out great. Let me share....
(Images from containerstore.com)
Now here is the idea. Place these Silver Mesh Letter Trays, as they stack as high as you want on your desk or what have you and then label them each for Mom, Dad, Kid #1, Kid #2 and so on. You can label them with the handy dandy Magnetic Labels. They're erasable so you can write whatever you need to write on them. But they just cling to the letter tray since they're magnetic. Awesome!

The cool part about this is now you have a spot for when your kids have papers that you need to see from their teachers, such as permission slips, notes, report cards, tests, etc. They can place it in the designated slot and once you've looked it over you can put it back into theirs. No confusion. It helps make things a little bit more easier.
For those of you without kids or kids not yet at the school age, use it to organize your desk. Get those papers up off of your desk to give yourself room to write. Remove the clutter! It is part of the Mesh line, so there are many different items that are also in the silver mesh to make it coordinate! I love when things match. It makes me smile.

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