Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Tips

Another Tuesday has crept up on me. The Container Store is coming up on the last week of the Work Smart Office Sale. So this will be my last office sale item that I'll be tipping about. I've picked out bulletin boards. After speaking with my mother about why our dining room table is always and I mean always cluttered, she explained that if she doesn't see the items out in front of her she won't remember them. My solution to her problem is getting a bulletin board. It is up off of the table and using the wall space. She has a corner of the room that is hers so she can put it up there. All of her important papers can be pinned up for her to see. Then there won't be any of that "Have you seen that small purple post-it note? It had green pen writing on it?" or "I can't find that white piece of paper anywhere!" I'm telling you if you have a spot for everything, you are less likely to misplace it. Unless of course you have a bad habit of not putting things back after you're done using them. But if you don't have a place for it in the first place, that is just asking for trouble. 

So here are the bulletin boards of choice:

There are three different styles, Square, Rectangle, and Strip. All three come in either Steel or Bronze. However, only the Steel is on sale. The Square is 14.99. The Rectangle is 27.99 and the Strip one is 11.99. The awesome thing about this product is that they are both a bulletin board and magnetic. So say you have something that you don't want to pierce with a push pin, just use the magnetic to hold it up. The Rectangle one comes with 12 magnets and 12 push pins. The Square comes with 6 of each. The three different sizes give you the flexibility to put them in any area that fits you best.

There are other bulletin boards available as well. Some are on sale, others are just cool. Remember March 28th, is the LAST day of the sale. But fear not, the next day we start the Summer Organization Sale! I'm not sure if that's the official name for it yet, but random items around the store will be on sale.

Happy Organizing!

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  1. Thanks for the tip, I think I have the perfect place for the "strip" size! FYI~ I tagged you... but no pressure!