Saturday, December 5, 2009

And The Winner Is....

This is the outfit that I picked out for the holiday party that is this upcoming Wednesday. I'm hoping to find a necklace that has red in it to make it more of a holiday outfit, but I think that even if I don't this will do just fine. I'm still searching for the right pair of shoes, but I have a ton of black shoes that I'm sure one will go. I'm also debating on whether or not I should wear some sort of black patterned stockings?

According to Chancho a lot of his buddies are bailing on the party so he doesn't even want to go anymore, but will go to show his face to the bosses. We won't be attending the after party either because he has court the next morning. It wouldn't be too great if he showed up to court with a hangover. I too have work early the next day.

Starting tomorrow, I'll be going to church to watch Chancho sing in the choir. I'm not sure if it will be a regular thing for me, he is Catholic and I am not. I commend him for doing this. He has a great voice and he really should be using it. Plus the fact that it is getting him to go to church. On that note, I'm going to bed so I won't be late for church tomorrow morning.  

Quote of the Day: "May the love hidden deep inside your heart find the love waiting in your dreams. May the laughter that you find in your tomorrows wipe away the pain found in your yesterdays."


  1. Hey Girl you look so nice! I was thinking what about silver satin shoes???? would be cute?but if you go with the pattern stockings I think black. What ever you choose im sure it will look great!

  2. Looks so great! I guess it's the fashion girl in me, but I kind of want to see the shoes you end up pairing with it! :) Choosing stockings is torture for me. I am always a bare legged kind of girl, but I know that they are great with a lot of things and it's a must have in the winter. . . Is there some kind of a rule when choosing the right pair of stockings? I see a lot of girls doing whatever. Like, purple tights with a mustard yellow top and it's supposedly in, so who am I to say! I feel like I've been living under a rock. I guess I kind of have.

  3. What a cute outfit! I love it!! I agree with Mrs. have to show the shoes you pick. And I also agree with mrsofficer....silver would be very cute! Have a good time!

  4. Thank you ladies! I will definitely post up a picture once the shoes have been decided upon!