Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Sunday was my birthday celebration, Monday being my actual birthday, but since it was a weekend evening it was planned for Sunday. Chancho sent out an invitation and got everyone together for it. He even was able to sneak in a few people that I didn't know were going to show up. It was located at a local bar. He gets "happy hour" specials. This is a deal where you can get $2 drinks for 2 hours. This way those who don't have that much money can still come out and have a few and even buy me some drinks and not empty their wallets out completely. It's a win-win situation. The surprise guests were my parents, my father's cousin, and my godparents/aunt and uncle. It was a great surprise. They were able to stay for the majority of the night too. It started early enough that people were able to stay and hang out without missing out on any sleep for work the next day. I however had the next day off so I was able to stay out with Chancho and a coworker for a bit longer. We took a trip to a gay club that opened that night and stumbled upon a waiter that we always get when we go out to eat at our regular restaurant. It was quite the night.

Monday, birthday day, was very relaxing. My parents took me out to lunch at a new Asian restaurant. Then Chancho and I spent the day in watching tv and resting up from the previous night. We then traveled to a friends house for cake. I think this was a better birthday than last years just because I was home with family and friends. Last year I had to travel back to school on my birthday, an 8 hour ride on a bus. It was not the ideal trip for a birthday. So here's to another year and making it the best that I can!

Quote of the Day: "Surround yourself with people you love being yourself with."

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