Sunday, December 6, 2009

M&M Trees

We had our first snowfall! and it actually stuck to the ground and all of the cars. While I was at work yesterday it snowed all day long. Only 2 inches stayed, but still there is still snow outside. I finally feel like it's winter time. In the spirit of it feeling like winter I actually went out Christmas shopping. Instead of buying something unique for every individual in the extended family I decided upon something very simple and inexpensive. The Container Store sells these wonderful jars in the shape of trees. They come in two different sizes. A large and a small. All of my cousins will get a small one and my aunts/uncles and grandmothers will get a large one. I'm going to fill them with M&M's. Each "branch" will be a layer of red and green, alternating. Sam's Club will be a huge help in providing me with a bulk package of the two colors and for a great price. The great part about these jars is that the tops have a suction piece to them so that when you open the jar all of the M&M's don't come flying out at you.

I'm going to wrap them in cellophane so that they can see them and I won't waste boxes or bags. I'll be tying them off with this ribbon. I'm excited to see how they turn out.

Now that I have the extended family shopped for, all that is left is the immediate family. For some reason I always find them harder to shop for.

Listening to: "A New York Christmas" by Rob Thomas

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  1. thats a great idea and who doesnt love chocolate!