Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Police Shift

I thought I'd share this cool website, courtesy of my cousin, PoliceShift. She started this business on her own after attending school. It is a place for active off-duty officers and retired officers to go to sign up for extra shifts. My uncle is a retired police officer and has been participating in this and he is very happy with the shifts that he has been able to pick up. I figured that if anyone has the need to pick up extra shifts this would be a good way to find them. You just register (free) and fill out a bunch of general information and then you're contacted. Chancho has just signed up. You can pick the amount of money that you want to get paid in general and then in some instances the merchant that contacts you will ask you to pick your price as well. If anyone in your area needs security and is signed up you have a greater chance of being called. Give it a look, see if it's something your PO would be interestd in.

1 comment:

  1. In our location, officers are not allowed to moonlight.

    What a great benefit for those who are.