Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Busy Elves

Thought I'd sneak in a quick post since I have been MIA for the past few days. It's not that I've been extremely busy, but busy enough that posting went to the wayside. My one day off last week was spent at my brother's finishing up Chancho's gifts. They came out great! I think everyone will love them, the embroidery really made the gift personal. It's amazing what little embroidery can do to a pair of sweat pants.

I've been working non stop and dashing to stores when I'm not to pick up last minute gifts. Remember that gift that I bought for my brother and sister in law that wouldn't be here til after Christmas? Well it showed up on my doorstep today! I had already went out and bought them each a little something so they would have something to open up Christmas Day, but I guess now they'll have extra, and who doesn't love opening up more gifts? I also found on my doorstep today a package from my best friend up at school. She really went above and beyond, she got my a whole outfit. I wasn't expecting it at all. I finished wrapping up the glass tree jars and they came out so pretty. I also bought wayyyy too much candy, I'll be bringing the extra bags into work so everyone can enjoy them, besides me. Tonight is the first night of the overnights at my job, the candy will help with keeping us all up til the crack of dawn.

To add to my busy schedule, I went on an interview to my mother's friend, she needs a babysitter for when she returns to work. She has a 6 1/2 month old son who is the cutest little guy. I said I'd help her out while she's getting readjusted to working again. It can't hurt to get some extra pocket cash while searching for a job. I'm looking forward to it, giving me something else to do.

Right now, I'm waiting to hear back from Chancho if he has to work New Years Eve. Since we've been together, we have yet to share a New Years Eve kiss. I'm hoping this year will be different. Although, it doesn't look good. Everyone around him is getting their assignments so I figure it is only a matter of hours before I get a text or phone call that he will be working. Which I am prepared for, or at least what I keep telling myself. Two of our close friends are having a party which I am taking part in planning and am looking forward to that as well. As long as I am surrounded by friends and get to see the ball drop, I'll be content. I know I can't complain too much because I have him for three days during Christmas and that is more important to me.

Have a wonderful Holiday and be sure to bring the New Year in right!

Here is a recipe for happy Christmas for you all to enjoy!
 Fill a house with equal parts of Love, Hope & Peace
Add the joy of children & the strength of older people
Season with the music of laughter & some mistletoe kisses
Warm before a crackling fire & serve with tidings of Comfort & Joy!

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