Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Final Christmas Post

I figured I'd show off Chancho's Christmas tree too. I really am not a fan of the colors, in fact, I really hate gold, but his sister did such a nice job in decorating the tree that I needed to share. He got their tree from the volunteer firefighters this year. Our close friend volunteers so he supported them with getting a tree.
Here's the tree all decked out.

They don't have a fireplace so their radiator is their chimney. I think they do a pretty good job in decorating it to look Christmas like. However they don't know the tradition of what the stockings are for so they just hang there unused.

This is Chancho's ornament. It doesn't match any of the other ornaments, but it's allowed on the tree. I was going to get it for him last year when I got my roommates their ornaments, but I made the mistake of taking him with me to pick up their gifts and he saw it and got it for himself. It's from a store that opens only during the holiday season and they sell ornaments that can be personalized. It's a neat store. I can always find something for someone. They have tons of ornaments.

I believe that sums up all of my Christmas pictures, which means the season has come to an end. :( I'm gearing up for the New Years party tomorrow. First I'll be going to see Chancho at work. We've decided to have dinner together, even if we can only eat in his car. It's an hour together that we normally wouldn't have. I'll take it though. Let's hope he doesn't get a call so our plans don't get canceled!
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