Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Presents

I sadly have not finished my Christmas shopping. I was doing so well with it too. I did however receive my dad's xmas present in the mail yesterday. I think I may be more excited about it than he will be. It's a personalized frame from 1stframe
 Inside the frame I made a collage of pictures ranging from the day all of his kids were born up until today. I included a few pictures of my mom and him from the earliest that I could find until now. I'm in love with it. I should have made it for me. I'm not sure if the icons on the side are big enough to see, but the one on the left is of a guy in a canoe, and the one on the right is of a deer. The bottom saying is "From Great Oaks, Little Acorns Grow."

The next gift I got, which I don't think will be here in time for Christmas is a personalized tub from Personal Creations. It's a pretty big tub and I think it's neater than using a cooler to hold drinks. It's for my brother and his wife. They are always having people over to hang out, I figured it'd be a cool thing to have in their back yard. I didn't realize though that the personalization would delay the day of the shipping so it will probably arrive a couple of days after Christmas.

Speaking of shipping. The US Postal guy today arrived in front of my house and slid open his door, threw our package from his seat to our front door (which is probably a good 35 feet), slid the door shut and drove off. I was shocked to see that! How can they treat packages like that? I know that most packages are marked fragile when things are obviously fragile, but still. That is just rude! I wonder if he would have done that if he knew I was sitting in front of the window watching.

All I have left to shop for is my mom and Chancho's mom. I know exactly what I'm getting for Chancho's mother. However, my own mom is still a challenge. I'm still waiting for that "ah ha" moment to come along.

This is also the season where everyone is putting up lights on their house. There are always those few houses that you know are going to put up the same lights as last year and you expect it, well without fail the house on speed, as we like to call it, is up and flashing away. Every year as we drive down the bottom of our hill and look across the highway there is this one house that has multi-colored lights that are flashing like crazy. I swear if someone with epilepsy drove by they would have seizure. Anyways, I made Chancho drive by the house last night. He didn't want to because it was going slightly out of our way and why would I want to get that close to something so obnoxious? As we got closer there was a sign all lit up and on it it told the driver-byer's to tune in to 107.7fm. We did as we were told and low and behold there was Christmas music playing. The lights on the house were flashing to the tune of the music! I was shocked, amazed and sat there smiling. Here I was hating this obnoxious house for years and now that I finally understand it, I love it! I think it is just the coolest thing that they could do. I'm glad that I took the journey over to see the house up close and personal.

Listening to: Silent Night by Trans-Siberian Orchestra  
Quote of the Day: "One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don't clean it up too quickly." -Andy Rooney

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  1. Hey I love the new background! Fellin festive huh? :) And those are such thoughtful gifts. I always make picture collages and when you put so much effort and put pics you love its hard to part with! Hope your having a great week