Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day 2 & 3

Coming home so late from Chancho's house, I forgot to put up the stockings for Santa to fill. Therefore waking up Christmas morning, I didn't have anything to open up. We skipped the opening of stockings and headed straight to Connecticut to my cousin's house. Chancho joined the family this time. We spent the entire day there. We opened up presents and Chancho handed out his PBA cards. He decided that he would only give them to the adult relatives rather than everyone in the family. They were of course a huge hit. My aunt jokingly said that this was the sign she was looking for that allowed her to be naughty this new year. Everyone loved my M&M trees. Almost everyone opened them right away to get at the candy. It was a good Christmas Day, very enjoyable.

The day after Christmas, this is when my immediate family gets together and celebrates Christmas all together. We go to my brother's house. It is midway for everyone now. Chancho got sick from eating something at my cousin's house, so he sadly did not make it to my brother's. I was finally able to open up my "real gifts" as I like to call them. I know that these are the gifts that I want off of my list and that someone put a lot of thought into these ones, not to say that my other relatives did not put thought into theirs, but these gifts won't be re-gifted for sure. Here are few pictures of what I got:

 Here is my scanner from Chancho. It scans photos and negatives. 

This a Coach wallet from my sister and her husband.

My new camera from my brother and his wife.

Now on to New Years. Chancho got the call. He has to work. I am so bummed out about it, but I am slowly letting myself adjust to the idea of having another New Years without him. Hopefully by then I'll be alright. I really do need to learn how to not get my hopes up. That is where I go wrong.

Listening to: "So What" by Pink
Quote of the Day:  "Happiness is a place between too little and too much."

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  1. glad the m&m trees worked out.you got some great gifts,love the camera,I got one too!
    This will be my dh's first New Years off in 8 yrs.I don't think we ever get use to them having to work the Holidays its something we just have to accept,and I don't stay home if he's working,I try to make the best of it,so go have some fun!