Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Day of being a DVO

Chancho started his job as the Domestic Violence Officer (DVO) today. He went in at 9am and got out at 5pm. Unheard of! His response to how did he like it? "I love it!" I asked him if this was something like on the first day of class and you like your teacher, but then 3 weeks later you hate it and you want to switch out of it. He insists that he likes it and he has a good feeling about it. This is the first time that he says that he feels responsible and important. He's excited, I can hear it in his voice and he's overall happier. I mean he did get to sleep for the first hour that he was there. Which isn't really that unusal, but I thought it being his first day he wouldn't get away with that. He was lucky that his partner was late getting to work. I did find out though that there is no such thing as being late with you're a DVO. You do make your own schedule so if you can't make it in at 8am you can just call and say when you will be in. (This may get him into trouble.)
Chancho's day consisted of learning the ropes of the new position. He usually will have to get 20 summonses a month, instead it now will have to be family visits. He was introduced today to a few families by his new partner. He really enjoyed dipping his toes into it all. A cool thing that he didn't have before, an office. He shares an office with 2 other officers. He'll be receiving his key tomorrow.
The greatest thing so far is of course the fact that he can pick his own hours. I put in to switch my availablity at work today. I opened up a few days for my schedule and told them I couldn't work Saturday afternoons now that he gets Saturdays off. We'll see if they will accept that. Ultimately I'd like to be able to have Saturdays but I think I'll ease into that.
This seems to be great. We'll see how it turns out, afterall it is only the first day and I don't want to get my hopes up too high. We all know that is never a good thing, yet we can't help but have a good feeling.

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